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Check out The Top 10 Films Coming Soon to a Theater Near You: Part 1! Inside Llewyn Davis Directors: Joel and Ethan Cohen Release Date: Dec 6 December could be the weirdest month of movies to hit the theaters together in a long time led by the latest Coen Brothers effort. A soft, gauzy blur hangs over everything in the trailer to heighten the nostalgia. Based on the posthumously published memoirs of influential folk singer David Van Ronk, Inside Llewyn Davis presents a look at the hard-luck li... [Read more]
Audio/Visual Technique One of the beautiful things about the current environment for filmmaking is that everyone has the ability to tell a story. The rise of the digital age and the democratization of technology has made the equipment, software and knowledge of cinema available to everyone. The ability to shoot, edit and distribute a documentary has been put quite literally in the palm of your hand.Read more...