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Smash Files #2: Down & Dirty

February 21, 2012
The second and third episodes of Smash packed in a lot of drama and a lot of insight into the process of creating a Broadway musical. Episode 2, "The Callback," focused on Karen's and Ivy's battle for the lead in the Marilyn musical. The life of an actor can be quite stressful; insecurity sets in when you face rejection that much, and callback after callback can put you on edge. It's not unheard of for creative teams to hold up to 5 or more callbacks for essential casting choices. It's no wonder... [Read more]

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The Weekly Toast 1/20/12

January 20, 2012
THIS WEEK: Lights out...Tebow lives...the only other girl in the world... • The Internet blew up this week with news that Google and Wikipedia might not work if SOPA/PIPA legislation was passed. Over 4.5 million people signed an anti-SOPA petition and many members of Congress who had previously supported the legislation folded on the bad hand they’d been dealt. • Following the collapse of SOPA/PIPA, former senator Chris Dodd, drunk with his newfound power as the head of the Motion Picture... [Read more]

The Weekly Toast 11/11/11

November 11, 2011
THIS WEEK: Lindsay Lohan has it locked up…ugly sweaters rule…Tyson channels Cain… • Rather than go on a second night in a row hopped up on steroids and antibiotics, “black James Taylor” Frank Ocean postponed his New York show with the hope of salvaging the rest of his debut solo tour and his million-dollar voice. Fans who showed up to the Bowery early got a free hat. • Drake’s eagerly-awaited sophomore album Take Care leaked this week to rave reviews proving once and for all that music is... [Read more]