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A “secret” anything for the boy band known as One Direction is probably few and far between these days. Since being selected through one of the most complex vetting processes ever devised, each of the “boys” has probably signed away a good deal of the element of secrecy to Simon Cowell’s Syco Entertainment family in exchange for future earnings. The members of One Direction had even been previously rejected as individual contestants on the British music competition program The X Factor and wer... [Read more]
In less than 5 minutes One Direction fans caused #toiletgirl to trend on Twitter. At 8:45 am, One Directioner Harry Styles sent out a tweet containing just the word #toiletgirl and it was retweeted more than 50 times and caused the words to trend on the popular microblogging site. As another One Directioner Zayn Malik said "Harry tweeted #toiletgirl and trended less than a minute. LOL" LOL indeed. And also SMH, FML etc etc. What is going on with these crazy kids! At least im not the only confu... [Read more]

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