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Google+ Tanks

September 15, 2011
In an interesting though not entirely unexpected turn of events, Google+ is experiencing technical difficulties. After the record-breaking growth of the service, with current estimates hovering at approximately 25 million users, Google+ was the fastest growing social media platform of all time. Despite rabid interest, partially generated by the ever-popular “invitation only” strategy, it appears that curiosity about the service is waning. Graphs provided by developers at 89n depic... [Read more]


Facebook Strikes Back

July 5, 2011
While Google+ is building anticipation in its invitation only “Field Trial,” Facebook took the opportunity to launch versions of a few of the game-changing products introduced by Google+ including video calling and group chat. Facebook partnered with Microsoft-owned Skype to deliver the video chat feature, expanding Microsoft’s foothold in social media. Facebook’s video chat doesn’t support a group call like Google+’s Hangouts, and the group chat doesn’t... [Read more]

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Google Goes Social

June 30, 2011
After Facebook’s smear campaign against Google was leaked by a rogue blogger it looks like Google may have its revenge. Early reports on Google’s social networking tool Google + say it’s intuitive and easy-to-use. The different interfaces borrow liberally from Apple’s playbook of clean, simple design and the product relies on these six innovations to Facebook’s model: - Circles: Social circles dependent on your different areas of interest rather than on Friend or N... [Read more]

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