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The big news in the soccer world this week is the General Motors sponsorship of commercial behemoth Manchester United. The mud has been flying (off the pitch, not on it), and GM have busily parlayed accusations of favoring European sponsorships into grand "global" statements following the announcement in Shanghai. GM is the world's largest automobile producer, and United are often referred to as the biggest football club in the world. When these titans decided to jump into bed together, there ha... [Read more]

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With Facebook’s IPO range increasing to $768 trillion dollars, people are inexplicably scurrying to plunk down between $34 and $38 for a piece of the social media juggernaut. In the latest can’t miss dot com gold rush, Facebook and CEO Mark Zuckerberg are counting on several air-tight facts of history to ensure that the IPO goes off without a hitch. First, dot coms have always held equity over the long term and the stock market has always smiled kindly upon internet companies that don’t produc... [Read more]

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The Weekly Toast 12/2/11

December 2, 2011
THIS WEEK: Living the thug life at Georgetown…Kanye sings the blues…the future looks thirsty… • Georgetown University is offering a class on Jay-Z to lecture students on the intricacies of balling so hard, putting supermodels in the cab and moving freebase. • Grammy award front-runner Kanye West lamented that he wasn’t nominated for Best Album and blamed it on putting out two albums in the same year. In a behind-the-scenes video ‘Ye also ruminated about world leaders who were affected by h... [Read more]