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Gore Vidal is a respected and prolific novelist, screenwriter, essayist, and playwright whose work spans over a half a century. Known for his unapologetic social and political commentary, he has produced some of the most compelling works of our era. His 1960 play The Best Man has enjoyed success on Broadway and in a 1964 film adaptation. I had the chance to see the most recent Broadway revival at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre, and thanks to its all-star cast and timely political drama, it was a ... [Read more]

Springing Up on Broadway

March 27, 2012
As we thaw out from the chill of winter and as New York City's tourism heats back up, Broadway is gearing up for the crowds with a slew of new shows. There are 14 new productions opening in April alone (to give you some perspective, there are only 40 Broadway theatres in total). Spring is always a fertile time for Broadway partly because the deadline for Tony Award eligibility looms (this year, it is April 26th). Producers hope that by debuting so close to the Awards, that they will be fresh, ob... [Read more]