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The Weekly Toast 11/18/11

November 18, 2011
THIS WEEK: Courtney melts down…Demi and Ashton split up…the Biebz rides again… • Michael Jackson’s death bed, sans mattress (his death bed-frame?), was pulled from auction after whoever was in charge of it came to his senses. • Courtney Love continued to blame everyone but herself during a meltdown in Brazil after someone held up a picture of Kurt Cobain. Love dropped the F-bomb on everyone from Dave Grohl to anyone who tries to “steal money from my kid’s table” before walking offstage. ... [Read more]
In the middle of a Foo Fighters show at the iTunes Festival in London this week, in the middle of a song, Dave Grohl interrupted the slow-burning Skin and Bones to call out a fan who was starting a fight and dropped 18 F-bombs, 3 A-Holes and 1 Bullsh*t, all within a minute and a half, before seamlessly segueing back into the song. The fan was summarily kicked out (well played Dave).

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