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Though the Foo's have produced eight albums over the past twenty years, “Everlong” remains their most beloved hit. Famous for being David Letterman's favorite song, it has topped charts all over the world, and Urban Dictionary describes it as “the best goddamn song ever, no matter what you say,” providing the accompanying example sentence: “I just heard ‘Everlong’ for the first time, and if I die right now I have still lived a full life because of it.” Part of the song’s popularity is due to it... [Read more]

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The Foo Fighters just announced their first concert date for their 2015 tour! In support of their upcoming album, Sonic Highways, Dave Grohl and the gang will be heading to Chicago’s Wrigley Field next August 29th. Sonic Highways contains the same authentic sound that’s come to be expected by the Foo Fighters, who recorded their last album, Wasting Light, in Grohl’s garage to prove that they didn’t need fancy recording equipment to produce quality songs. Sonic Highways has a similar uniqueness ... [Read more]

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The Weekly Toast 11/18/11

November 18, 2011
THIS WEEK: Courtney melts down…Demi and Ashton split up…the Biebz rides again… • Michael Jackson’s death bed, sans mattress (his death bed-frame?), was pulled from auction after whoever was in charge of it came to his senses. • Courtney Love continued to blame everyone but herself during a meltdown in Brazil after someone held up a picture of Kurt Cobain. Love dropped the F-bomb on everyone from Dave Grohl to anyone who tries to “steal money from my kid’s table” before walking offstage. ... [Read more]
In the middle of a Foo Fighters show at the iTunes Festival in London this week, in the middle of a song, Dave Grohl interrupted the slow-burning Skin and Bones to call out a fan who was starting a fight and dropped 18 F-bombs, 3 A-Holes and 1 Bullsh*t, all within a minute and a half, before seamlessly segueing back into the song. The fan was summarily kicked out (well played Dave).

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