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10 Black Friday Tips & Tricks

November 28, 2014
If you're one of those brave souls who set your alarm clock for 3 AM this morning, keep these tips in mind as you claw your way through the first official day of holiday shopping madness: 1.) Shopping Apps - Apps like Chameleon tell you the location within each store and the inventory status of items on your list. Black Friday by SlickDeals is also useful as it combines all the discounts and deals in one place so you know which store is offering the best bargain. Additionally, RedLaser allows y... [Read more]

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Black Friday who? If you'd prefer to surf for deals from behind a screen rather than risk being trampled and left for dead at the doors of a department store, Cyber Monday is for you. Black Friday has a history that is decades old, but its cousin, Cyber Monday, is more of a recent phenomenon. As soon as retailers decided that the day after Thanksgiving was the perfect day to start the "Holiday Shopping Season," the next iteration of the idea was underway. Businesses started with Black Friday, so... [Read more]
Where did the term "Black Friday" come from, anyway? It sounds scary. There are several explanations floating around as to how the term first popped up. One story dates back to September 24, 1869, a day when gold prices dropped dramatically, causing panic on the stock market. However, it wasn't until the 1950s that the term was used to describe the Friday after Thanksgiving. It has been said that factory owners dubbed the day after Thanksgiving "Black Friday" because so many employees called in ... [Read more]