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Summer’s almost here and that means that Hollywood’s stable of Summer Movie Blockbusters is about to invade your commercial airspace. Aside from the screwball comedies, sequels and reboots that we’re accustomed to, from the whimsy of Men in Black 3 to the crowd-pleasing super hero ensemble vehicle The Avengers, there are five capital “F” Films that break the mold of the usual Hollywood fare. As clichéd as they may sound on paper—a sequel, a prequel and a reboot among them—these Films feature t... [Read more]

New Spidey Trailer

July 18, 2011
The Amazing Spider-Man teaser trailer was released this week for the franchise reboot featuring new Spider-Man Andrew Garfield who played wounded Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin in The Social Network. Director Marc Webb is taking the series in what looks like an exciting new direction after Sam Raimi’s epic reworking of the title. Instead of the caricature of Peter Parker as a dorky, science nerd Garfield portrays Parker as more of an awkward, disturbed loner, giving the character an e... [Read more]

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