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From the epic opening strains of "Palace", the first song off of A$AP Rocky’s 2011 debut mixtape Live. Love. A$AP, you can tell that the A$AP Mob had big intentions. Clams Casino’s sampling of Karl Jenkins’ chanty “Adiemus” sets up a magnificent, imperial backdrop for Rocky’s statement of purpose which he delivers in an intoxicating mix of nonsense, comedy, legit rhymes and OG cool. Ignorant, stoned and violent, Rocky name drops hip hop lifestyle choices like a to-do list. Lean-sipping, check... [Read more]
Day 1 - Friday, August 3 Atlas Sound Deerhunter lead singer Bradford Cox took the Tree stage Friday afternoon as his folk-tronic alter ego Atlas Sound and announced that his equipment hadn’t made it to the venue. Anyone familiar with Cox’s admittedly “unhinged” stage presence and the recent “Sharona-Gate” episode back in March when Cox donned a ski mask and launched into an hour-long cover of the Knack’s “My Sharona” shuddered at the thought of another meltdown but Cox graciously spared us the... [Read more]