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As you probably already know, 50 Cent filed for bankruptcy this week. Like his failed MLB opening pitch, Curtis Jackson has also failed his latest entrepreneurial attempt. [Read more]

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Was 50 Cent's ceremonial first pitch worse than Carly Rae Jepsen, Carl Lewis or Mariah Carey's? [Read more]

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In a feud that ignited the hip hop world with more rumors, opinions and lawsuits than a Lindsay Lohan car crash, Drake and Chris Brown escalated a potentially conciliatory moment for the thug faithful into a full on gang war. This is what we know for sure. Drake and Chris Brown were both in attendance at SoHo’s W.I.P. nightclub the night of June 14th. An altercation ensued that resulted in several head injuries, the destruction of the night club’s interior and multiple law suits. The Drake/... [Read more]