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Sleepy? Me too. Daylight Savings was this weekend, setting us all an hour forward in time, but an hour back mentally, and as John Oliver notes, the struggle to change the clock on your microwave is real.

We can only hope that such outdated practices will be eliminated in due time, but until then, check out the following event tickets to upcoming shows in your area that are sure to make you and your family a little less cranky:

  • Cirque du Soleil
  • Disney on Ice
  • Monster Jam

  •

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    Rock Stars Puking

    No one likes to puke, but almost everyone loves to catch someone famous doing something embarrassing. Perhaps it makes us feel like they are more human; it's a chance for the celebrity elite to show us some of their flaws, ones that their publicists can’t shield them from. We might empathize if we're a fan, or laugh hysterically if we don’t care about them at all -- either way it’s still entertaining when people are caught in the act for the same reason we watch FAIL videos when we're bored. But let’s put the shoe on the other foot for just a minute and imagine this unfortunate chain of events happening to you:

    1.) You have one of the greatest jobs in the world according to everyone around you; you love what you do, get paid amazingly well, and fans adore your work. There you are, just beginning to perform, and then...


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    Kid Rock

    I want to hate Kid Rock.

    There's so much to dislike about him, from his politics to his lack of respect for other artists. It seems like every time I turn around, he's saying something obnoxious. I despise his wife-beater undershirt, his well-chewed cigar, and his backwards gimme cap (although I kinda like the narrow-brimmed fedora). I'm pretty sure if you put the two of us in a room together, we'd be ready to kill each other inside of a half hour.

    But, the thing is, I like his songs. Which ones? Well, pretty much all of them.

    Now, this is one heck of an admission for someone who listens to Coltrane when I'm feeling mellow and Tower of Power when I want to perk up. (And, if I'm being honest, more NPR than the two combined.)


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    There’s been a lot of talk lately about Madonna’s age, namely that she’s too old to be doing what she’s doing. After her fall at the Brit Awards, critics have been voicing their concerns about her choice to still be on stage breaking it down like she is at 56-years-old. However, Madonna tripping over a designer cape doesn't quite prove that she’s about to bite the dust. The media is using this blunder as an excuse to share their overall disapproval of the Pop Queen’s style – while her stage antics were once subversive and empowering, her continued uninhibited sexuality now seems desperate, or worse, a ploy.

    Madonna showed up to the 57th Grammys wearing a matador outfit, proudly accentuating her cleavage and flashing her bare ass to the camera. While this is not surprising for someone like Madonna, the question does remain -- should she act her age? Or better yet -- what does "act your age" mean in today's world?


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    Madonna has just announced her upcoming cross-country trek - the 2015 Rebel Heart Tour - in support of her thirteenth studio album of the same name, which is planned to be officially released later this week. "Living for Love" is the album's lead single, and we're pretty sure the music video confirms she's in the Illuminati. Just kidding (but not really).

    Madonna tickets are sure to sell out fast, so get yours soon if you want to see this controversial diva live in concert. Otherwise, check out the following artists on tour with more dates going on sale this week:

    Wizard Rock

    The immense success of Harry Potter has not only produced its own theme park, eleven video games, hilarious theatrical spin-offs, an intense fandom, the highest-grossing film series ever, and a brand worth over $15 billion, but it’s even inspired its own musical genre. Say what you will about J.K. Rowling, but that is some serious staying power. Alluding to various aspects of the books, wizard rock, or wrock, sings of bizarre creatures and is often lyrically comedic, which satisfies both my literary and humor bones. This is why wizard rock is the best thing to happen over the past decade:

    1.) It embodies the very spirit of rock n' roll.

    Rock bands have long employed elements of magic in their music, especially Led Zeppelin. Though they didn’t dedicate their entire catalog to a book series like those in the wizard rock community do, they are widely known for being associated with The Lord of the Rings. Jimmy Page dabbled in the occult as well. His symbol - “Zoso” - was taken from an alchemy grimoire, and he even went as far as to buy Aleister Crowley’s mansion on Loch Ness in Scotland. Page owned his own occult bookstore and used suggestive sorcery imagery everywhere he could.


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    Let Her Cry: The Definitive PMS Playlist

    February 26, 2015
    PMS Playlist

    Okay, ladies. So it's that marvelous time of the month when we can let all of our 19 personalities shine through simultaneously for about 1 to 2 weeks. The struggle is real with PMS and the emotional turmoil it brings, and though I DO feel sorry for my boyfriend, coworkers, my cat, and anyone else who makes eye contact with me on the highway (even if by accident), I would just like to state: YOU ARE THE LUCKY ONES.

    Blank Space Taylor Swift

    While others have the ability to run away, I'm stuck here hosting the battle of crazies in my own head (tickets go on sale on the 28th of every month). If you're reading this and can relate on any level, fear not my psychotic loves, there is hope. Us girls can find comfort in the simple things in life like chocolate cake, chocolate candies, chocolate anything, fleece jammies, a Grey's Anatomy marathon, a cat to force your exaggerated affection onto, and most importantly, a PMS PLAYLIST to appease the many emotions happening all at once.


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    Smart Musicians

    Musicians cannot escape the stereotype of being hard-partying, womanizing, high school dropouts, and while this is true for many, there are diamonds in the rough! From microbiology to 18th century French literature, you may be surprised at how many bands you love are fronted by utter geniuses.

    1.) Brian May

    Not only did Brian May pen one of the most famous songs of the last century – Queen's “We Will Rock You” – but during his time off from touring the world, he managed to obtain a PhD in astrophysics (probably one of the most difficult academic fields one can master). His thesis was focused on the radial velocities in the zodiacal dust cloud. Trippy, man.

    2.) Jose González

    The classical guitarist was studying hard at Sweden’s University of Gothenburg when the sudden success of his music career interrupted his PhD in Biochemistry. González is known for his beautiful covers of songs like “Heartbeats” by The Knife as well as Springsteen classics. His third album, Vestiges & Claws, was just released, and you can catch him on tour this spring and at select summer music festivals like Sasquatch!


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    As soon as the weather hits “sunny and 75”, Northeastern country music fans are itching to kick off the summer with Luke Bryan tickets, a Miranda Lambert concert, or Jason Aldean tour tickets. And, like most concert rituals, tailgating in the lot outside the venue is a given. Fans will post the obligatory status update to kick off the party, “It’s a smile, it’s a kiss. It’s a sip of wine, it’s summertime,” in honor of Kenny Chesney. Most of the not-originally-from-the-South redneck wannabes will dust off their cowboy boots and get rowdy for this annual event, making it undeniably clear that you are at a country music concert.

    1. Cowboy boots and cowboy hats galore

    They’ve made their appearance once again! Girls and guys pull their cowboy hats and boots out from the closet that haven’t been touched since last year’s Tim McGraw concert. You’ll catch girls complimenting one another on their boots that they probably just bought the day prior.

    2. Ripped jeans and shorts

    It’s not proper country concert attire unless you’ve got some distressed denim. Guys are walking around in a pair of holey jeans that you would think are a result of construction or farm work (but may not be), and girls are trying to pull off those diaper-looking, high-waisted shorts with frayed ends that somehow became a thing. Top it all off with a nice, big ‘ole belt buckle, and you'll fit right in.