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The Who Turns 50

This morning arrived with a big announcement – the Who finally released dates for their 2015 tour, and it may be the last chance to see them live. Roger Daltrey recently told Rolling Stone, “[It] will be the last big tour…We intend to go on doing music until we drop, but we have to be realistic about our age. The touring is incredibly grinding on the body and we have to draw a line in the sand somewhere. This will be the last old-fashioned, big tour.”

Even more good news for some fans (possibly bad news for the die-hards) is that they’ll be playing solely greatest hits. Daltrey admitted to Rolling Stone, “People don't want new stuff.” He explains that the economics of the road simply don’t allow for fresh material, deep cuts, rarities, and B-sides. We’re a culture of comfort, and we like what is familiar, especially if it’s the opening chords to “Pinball Wizard.”

This point could be contested, but it’s the Who and they do what they want. It’s better to go out with a bang than in obscurity, so the revival of classics like “Baba O’Reilly,” “Love Reign O'er Me,” and “Won’t Get Fooled Again” is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

Even though Pete Townshend is partially deaf and Roger Daltrey suffers from vocal chord dysplasia, I can tell you from personal experience that they still know how to rock. Obviously short two members (R.I.P. Keith Moon and John Entwistle), Townshend and Daltrey still perform under the name the Who though they tour with several other musicians, including: Zak Starkey (Ringo Starr’s son), Simon Townshend (Pete Townshend’s brother), Pino Palladino (formerly of the John Mayer Trio), John Corey, Loren Gold, J. Gregory Miller, Reggie Grisham, and Frank Simes.

The Who celebrated their 50th anniversary last year (October 2013), and despite the tour being labeled “The Who Hits 50!”, Daltrey maintains that it’s unrelated to their anniversary. However, fifty years is no easy feat. Most bands can’t make it ten. They should be celebrating their half-century of success, but perhaps they’ll leave that to the fans. Coinciding with their tour, the Who will release a new Greatest Hits album and play venues that they’ve overlooked in the past.

So, break out your old concert tees because this may very well be the last chance to see Pete Townshend's famous windmill. They’re not getting any younger, neither are you, and the eternal question still remains, “Who are you?”

©The Who 1998, Polydor Ltd.
Events On Sale 10-9-14

Here's a list of the hottest events with dates going on sale this week. Our featured event of the week is Neil Diamond. Neil will be kicking off his world tour early 2015 in support of his new album, Melody Road. Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett are making waves too with their recent collaboration, and their duet is sure to be a hit! You can start preparing for the holiday season with Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas! The Musical tickets, which go on sale Monday. Country fans are still in luck as Hunter Hayes, Jason Aldean, Miranda Lambert, and Garth Brooks are playing shows across the country. For tickets to these events and more, head over to Ticket Liquidator.





Andrea Bocelli Friday, 10/10/14 Hollywood, FL
Bob Seger Thursday, 10/9/14 Halifax, NS; Saint John, NB
Dierks Bentley Friday, 10/10/14 Baltimore, MD
Garth Brooks Friday, 10/17/14 Greensboro, NC
Hunter Hayes Friday, 10/10/14 Grand Prairie, TX
Jack White Friday, 10/10/14 New York, NY; Nashville, TN
Jason Aldean Friday, 10/10/14 Greenville, SC
Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett Friday, 10/10/14 Las Vegas, NV
Maroon 5 Saturday, 10/11/14 Las Vegas, NV
Miranda Lambert with Justin Moore Friday, 10/10/14 Worcester, MA; Evansville, IN; Peoria, IL; Manchester, NH; Eugene, OR
Neil Diamond Monday, 10/13/14 Providence, RI; Boston, MA; Pittsburgh, PA; Indianapolis, IN; Columbus, OH; Philadelphia, PA; Allentown, PA; Providence, RI; Uncasville, CT; Columbus, OH; Auburn Hills, MI; Boston, MA; Brooklyn, NY; Washington, DC; Pittsburgh, PA; Indianapolis, IN; Austin, TX; Houston, TX; Milwaukee, WI; Saint Paul, MN; Chicago, IL; Dallas, TX
Nick Jonas Thursday, 10/9/14 New York, NY; Brooklyn, NY; Los Angeles, CA
Trey Anastasio Friday, 10/17/14 Upper Darby, PA; Richmond, VA; Portland, ME; Pittsburgh, PA; Boston, MA; New York, NY; Binghamton, NY



Broadway has a great season in store for us. Packed with a host of celebrities and talent, the Great White Way is making it hard to decide which play to see. Luckily, I’ve got a cheat sheet to help you pick based on personality type. (Hint: Broadway tickets make great Christmas presents, too!)

1.) History Buff – The Elephant Man

Based on the historical figure Joseph Merrick, Bernard Pomerance's The Elephant Man seeks to encapsulate his life – living with enormous deformities, stuck in workhouses and freak shows, and trying to carry on a normal routine despite his failing health. It is a portrait of the late 1880s Victorian society and the dichotomy of human nature. Bradley Cooper (maybe you know him from The Hangover, American Hustle, and Silver Linings Playbook) stars as Merrick, which is no easy feat. The interesting twist to the play is that no prosthetic makeup is used on the actor; instead, he must assume Merrick’s deformities through physicality – facial expressions, movement, and posture – and let the audience imagine what he really looked like. Cooper will undoubtedly be excellent, and from personal experience I can say the play is deeply rewarding. It is both a study in American culture around the Gilded Age and a lesson on perseverance and strength. It is the perfect gift for the family historian or the casual surveyor of things past.

2.) Pop Culture Junkie – This is Our Youth

Michael Cera?! Kieran Culkin?! OMG. It’s a match made it awkwardly adorable theater heaven. Kenneth Lonergan’s This Is Our Youth tells the story of three young friends in the Reagan Era of the 1980s trying to be independent, but nevertheless succumbing to the pressures of their age – sex, money, drugs, etc. Set in Manhattan, the audience can no doubt relate to the materialist culture that comes with living in the Big Apple, and even though it is rooted in a specific generation, This Is Our Youth could easily take place now – the comedy and heartbreak of late teens transcends time and place. If you find comfort in 80s style comic books, portable TVs, and fashion, you’ll love this play even more. If you simply have a crush on Juno's Michael Cera and want to see him live, we won't judge you. Tickets to This Is Our Youth are a great idea for a date night.


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Week 5 in the NFL is in the books, which means the fourth week of Ticket Liquidator's fantasy football is in the books as well. Congratulations to the Dinkonator, whose 99.22 points in Week 5 slightly edged out Gudy2Shoes' 98.72 -- and as such, winning a $25 discount code to Ticket Liquidator!

Make your Week 6 Fantasy Football picks for free and win HERE

Dinkonator's big decision to start Russell Wilson paid off, as the Seahawks star quarterback had the highest point total of the week, at 30.22. Amazingly, nobody selected neither Peyton Manning nor Demaryius Thomas, who would have potentially won the week for somebody.

Despite finishing in second place, Gudy2Shoes is our monthly winner -- and will receive a $100 discount code to Ticket Liquidator! Fueled by a season-high 126.40 points in Week 4, Gudy2Shoes overcame a six-point deficit in Week 5 en route to capturing the monthly crown. Gudy2Shoes finished the four weeks with 353.52 points, defeating Eli's Sad Face (340.2) by 13 points, and the Dinkonator (339.06) by 14.

Now starting in Week 6, our monthly contest resets -- so in another four weeks, we'll give away a $100 discount code to the player with the highest score between Weeks 6-9! Our yearly contest is still running as well, with Gudy2Shoes in the driver's seat right now for a $200 discount code!

Snake Levine (86.4) finished in third place in Week 5, and was followed by The Dynasty (82.36) and Luckness Monster (81.34), rounding out the top five.


The Harlem Globetrotters

Taking your family to see the Harlem Globetrotters is the perfect way to spend a day off - it's entertainment for kids and adults alike! Here are three reasons why you should go to a Globetrotters game this year:

1. You’ll be witnessing a tradition with a great history - The Globetrotters has been a display of incredible athleticism since its inception in the 1920s, two decades before the NBA was created. The team began on the south side of Chicago, where all of the original players grew up. In its early years, the team was touring Illinois and Iowa under the name “The New York Harlem Globe Trotters.” Harlem was chosen for their title because the city was the center of African-American culture at the time, not because of the team's actual location. In fact, the team didn’t play their first “home” game in Harlem until 1968! During the height of the Cold War, the Globetrotters played/performed in Moscow and helped to improve US-Soviet relations. They met Nikita Khrushchev, were welcomed by spectators and authorities, and collectively received the Athletic Order of Lenin medal. Some great NBA players have gone on to play for the Globetrotters, including Wilt "The Stilt" Chamberlain, Connie "The Hawk" Hawkins, and Nat "Sweetwater" Clifton. The team has even signed female players, including Olympic gold medalist Lynette Woodard, and Joyce Walker, both in 1985.

2. You’ll be seeing both a theatrical performance and an athletic competition - After the rise of the NBA in the 1950s, in order to stay different and interesting the Globetrotters gradually worked comedic acts into their routine, becoming a mixture of both entertainment and sport. The team became known for their outstanding coordination in handling basketballs, including passing and juggling balls between players, balancing and spinning balls on their fingertips, and making unusual, difficult shots. Each game kicks off with the “magic circle” where each player shows off his best basketball-handling tricks to the tune of the team’s signature song, “Sweet Georgia Brown.” But their tricks aren’t just for show — there’s another team competing for a reason. These are high-caliber athletes having played college basketball and even in the NBA, including Hi-Lite Bruton who was drafted by the Chicago Bulls in 1994, but endured career-ending injuries. Over the past 20 years, the Globetrotters have made a tradition of playing competitive games against NCAA teams. Throughout their history, the team has had a winning percentage of .985.

3. They are great with their fans, especially the young ones - The team tends to give kids the opportunity to see their magic happen, like when star “Handles” Franklin spoke at the Allentown, PA, Boys and Girls Club and gave its members tickets to both the Globetrotters show and an NBA preseason game. In addition to just watching the Globetrotters do their thing, fans can get a “magic pass” which allows them to come to the arena early and spend a half hour on the court with the team, trying out ball tricks and getting autographs and photos. And it’s not just those lucky kids that can get time with the stars — after every game the Globetrotters sign autographs and take photos with fans!

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On-Sales 10/2/14

Here's a list of the hottest events with dates going on sale this week. Our featured event of the week is the Harlem Globetrotters. This fun group of athletes has been entertaining the world for almost a century, playing over 20,000 games in over 100 countries. Harlem Globetrotters tickets are an excellent gift for anyone, appealing to theatre-lovers and sport-enthusiasts alike. Neil Diamond also has big on-sale dates this week, playing in cities across the country early next year (a great present for parents this holiday season). One of the Jonas brothers, Nick Jonas, is getting back out there this month with key performances in Hollywood and Boston. Jason Aldean and Maroon 5 continue to be hot sellers, and Andrea Bocelli prepares for his round of opera concerts this fall and winter. The Lion King is always popular, so get your tickets soon to see this one-of-a-kind portrayal of Simba's tale. For tickets to these events and more, head over to Ticket Liquidator.





Andrea Bocelli Friday, 10/10/14 Hollywood, FL
Jason Aldean Friday, 10/10/14 Greenville, SC
Maroon 5 Saturday, 10/11/14 Las Vegas, NV
Neil Diamond Monday, 10/13/14 Boston, MA; Indianapolis, IN; Pittsburgh, PA; Providence, RI; Columbus, OH; Philadelphia, PA; Allentown, PA; Auburn Hills, MI; Brooklyn, NY; Uncasville, CT; Washington, DC; Austin, TX; Houston, TX; Milwaukee, WI; Austin, TX; Chicago, IL; Dallas, TX; Milwaukee, WI; Saint Paul, MN; Denver, CO; Hollywood, CA; San Jose, CA; Seattle, WA
Nick Jonas Thursday, 10/9/14 New York, NY; Brooklyn, NY; Los Angeles, CA
Austin City Limits

The 2014 Austin City Limits Festival has an incredible line-up featuring artists like Eminem, OutKast, Lana del Rey, Skrillex, Beck, and The Avett Brothers. However, sometimes it’s hard to see all of the bands on the bill. Here are a few of my recommendations from personal experience:

Pearl Jam

With the help of my awesome father, I’ve seen Pearl Jam at least five times, and so I am confident in saying that they are one of the last true rock bands. Though I prefer their older material (not because it’s hip to say that), Pearl Jam’s set lists are often well-rounded and always packed with energy. Eddie Vedder is the ideal frontman – confident without being arrogant, a good showman with good musicianship, and a music veteran with close friends like The Who’s Pete Townshend, Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell, and the late Johnny Ramone. Though his stage antics have died down with age, Vedder still knows how to woo a crowd. Stage diving isn’t a stunt he pulls much anymore, but holding the mic out to a stadium full of people and hearing them sing the closing lines to “Black” is more powerful than all his crowdsurfing and stage climbing could ever be. He’s become less testosterone-fueled and more soulful, which landed him at the No. 7 spot on Rolling Stone’s list of the “Best Lead Singers of All Time”. Pearl Jam has released a total of ten studio albums and nine live albums, having sold over 60 million records worldwide. They will be playing Austin City Limits this Sunday, October 5th from 8:00 - 10:00 PM on the Samsung Galaxy Stage and the following Sunday, October 12th, same time and place.


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Gudy2Shoes had a week for the record books in Week 4, winning with ease over the Dinkantor and Luckness Monster, who finished second and third, respectively.

Make your Week 5 TL Fantasy Football Picks

Amazingly, Gudy2Shoes selected Larry Donnell (23.4 points) as his tight end -- and Donnell did not disappoint, scoring 3 times on Thursday Night Football. Gudy2Shoes also wisely selected DeMarco Murray (27.5) and Jordy Nelson (22.8), en route to scoring 126.40 points, and a runaway victory in Week 4.

The Dinkantor (102.16) would have won in any other week, with 102.16 points. Led by Andrew Luck (29.76 points), the Dinkantor eclipsed 100 points, but was ultimately let down by Jeremy Maclin (6.8) and CJ Spiller (6.4).

Eli's Sad Face (87.7) and Rally Monkey (74.6), the previous two weeks winners, just didn't have enough this week to begin a dynastic run.

There's just one week remaining in our FIRST $100 gift code giveaway. Remember, the weekly winner gets $25, and the cumulative four week winner gets a $100 coupon code!

Here's the top five standings for the cumulative four-week code -- it should come right down to the wire next week.

  • Eli's Sad Face -- 260.14
  • Gudy2Shoes -- 254.80
  • Rally Monkey -- 254.34
  • Luckness Monster -- 250.64
  • Dinkantor -- 239.84


Why Your Team Won't Win The World Series

September 29, 2014

Bud Selig served as MLB's commissioner for over 20 years, but he will be remembered mostly for two things -- expanding the playoffs in 1995 to include a Wild Card team, and expanding the playoffs again in 2012 to include a second Wild Card team. As such, 10 out of 30 teams now make the playoffs in baseball, when it used to just be four as recently as 1993.

With the 2014 postseason picture set, 10 fanbases have their mind on one thing -- celebrating a World Series title for their favorite team. But nine of those 10 fanbases will ultimately be left sad and disappointed, at least for a little bit. Sure, if the Royals lose to the A's in the Wild Card round, Royals fans will be sad -- but in time, they'll be happy and reflect upon 2014 as a success, after watching the Royals make the playoffs for the first time in 29 years.

Still, 90% of fans with their team still alive will end the year disappointed. Here's why you'll be sad, and why your team won't win the World Series.

Orioles -- Of Baltimore's five qualified batters, four struck out over 100 times -- J.J. Hardy, Adam Jones, Nelson Cruz and Chris Davis. Davis is also still serving a suspension -- but that could be a blessing in disguise for Baltimore. The Orioles will face the best pitching the league has to offer, and the offense could struggle because of it.

Plus, is anybody actually scared of facing Chris Tillman in a do-or-die playoff game? Didn't think so. Sorry, Orioles fans, your team will not win the World Series.

Tigers -- The Tigers have been the odds-on favorites in the American League for how many years now, and have what exactly to show for it? Yep, nothing. Justin Verlander isn't himself anymore, and even Miguel Cabrera had a bit of a down year. Don't expect J.D. Martinez to carry this team in the playoffs, as he did for stretches during the summer.

Plus, that bullpen. Seriously. Joe Nathan had an awful year, and the Tigers will have a hard time closing out any close game. Sorry, Tigers fans, your team will not win the World Series.

Angels -- The only scary thing about the Angels is Mike Trout -- other than that, what's so special about this team? Absolutely nothing. The rotation will be anchored by Jered Weaver and C.J. Wilson, who are both past their primes. The lineup really falls off after the shell of Albert Pujols bats, and who knows which Josh Hamilton will show up.

The Angels just have too many question marks to win the World Series. Keep the Rally Monkey at home this year -- sorry, Angels fans, your team will not win the World Series.

Royals -- First off, the Royals are one of two Wild Card teams, so there's a decent chance the Royals only play one postseason game. Hey, one in 30 years is pretty good, right?

Secondly, just no. This offense isn't going to win a playoff series, let alone the World Series. KC's offense is pretty offensive, right?! Sorry, Royals fans, your team will not win the World Series.

A's -- Did I just mention the Royals had an anemic offense? Well, the same is certainly true for the A's. Oakland dealt one of its two legitimate hitters in Yoenis Cespedes to acquire Jon Lester, and the A's are left with a shell of a lineup.

Billy Beane's teams have yet to advance to the World Series, and this year will be no different. Sorry, A's fans, your team will not win the World Series.

Nationals -- #NATITUDE! The Nats are pretty good, but then you remember -- they are the Washington Nationals. They just can't win, right? I mean, after what happened in 2012, when the Nats blew a two-run, ninth inning lead to the Cardinals to lose the NLDS in dramatic fashion?

Overall, it's a solid team, but that bullpen will be a problem for the Nats. Rafael Soriano? Yikes. Sorry, Nats fans, but your team will not win the World Series.

Cardinals -- Two words: Mike Matheny. Ok, more than two words: the Cardinals can't hit, and have a pretty shaky bullpen. Recipe for playoff disaster.

Plus, haven't the Cardinals used up all their magic the last few seasons? Sorry, Cardinals fans, your team will not win the World Series.

Dodgers -- If Clayton Kershaw isn't on the mound, the Dodgers are a .500 team -- and that's pretty mediocre. Unfortunately for the Dodgers, Kershaw can't pitch every game. Los Angeles' bullpen has also been problematic -- sensing a theme here with the NL playoff teams.

Plus, the Dodgers' bats are so streaky. Yasiel Puig went through a really long slump -- and players like Hanley Ramirez and Matt Kemp are prone to that as well. Sorry, Dodgers fans, your team will not win the World Series.

Pirates -- Besides Andrew McCutchen, who scares you in this lineup? Nobody, that's who. Pittsburgh does have a solid bullpen, but I'm not buying Francisco Liriano or Edinson Volquez in a playoff series. Gerrit Cole is awesome, though.

Still, Cole isn't enough at this point in his career to win a playoff series by himself. Sorry, Pirates fans, your team will not win the World Series.

Giants -- The Giants deserve to lose just because they gave Tim Lincecum a two-year, $35 million contract after last season, when it was clear that Lincecum isn't the same pitcher he used to be. Yeah, the Giants have Buster Posey, but what else in the lineup? Not a ton. How did the Giants even win the World Series in 2010 and 2012?

Just no. The Giants aren't going to be the first team to survive the Wild Card round and advance to the World Series, let alone win it. Sorry, Giants fans, your team isn't going to win the World Series.

There! I said it -- nobody apparently will win the World Series. OK, fine -- somebody will win it, but I'll still be 90% right in a month. That's pretty good.

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Melissa Etheridge

Who is Melissa Etheridge ? Well, I’m not a super-fan, but I do like her music and think she’s pretty rad, so I’ll try to help you out.

A Berklee College of Music dropout, this singer/songwriter/guitarist got her start in Los Angeles in the 80s like a lot of rock artists do - by playing in bars. Etheridge released three albums from 1988 to 1992, and broke into the mainstream scene with her fourth album in 1993, allowing her to become one of the most popular rock artists of the 90s. She won two Grammys and has been nominated for several more. People besides me think she’s pretty cool as well, cool enough to earn a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Melissa became known for her emotional, confessional lyrics, her pop-y folk-rock music, and her rough, Janis Joplin-esque voice. Like any artist, she had some songs that made it big more than others.

"Bring Me Some Water"

“Bring Me Some Water” was Melissa’s first single, released in 1988, from her self-titled debut album. This song is about dealing with the pain and jealousy that comes with a non-monogamous relationship. The main metaphoric chorus lyrics are “Somebody bring me some water/can’t you see I’m burning alive.” It hit No. 10 on the U.S. Rock chart, No. 32 on the Canadian chart, No. 17 in New Zealand, and No. 9 in Australia. “Bring Me Some Water” begins with an easily recognizable rock intro, and it introduced Etheridge’s raw, emotional voice that would come to characterize her music. The song also earned her a Grammy nomination for Best Female Rock Vocal Performance.

"I’m the Only One"

“I’m the Only One” is one of Etheridge’s biggest songs. It came on her fourth album, Yes I Am, which was titled as an answer to those questioning her sexual orientation. The song hit No. 8 on the Billboard Hot 100, No. 5 on Pop Songs, No. 4 on Top 40, and No. 1 on Hot Adult Contemporary. The lyrics, with a similar theme to her first album and the hit “Bring Me Some Water,” discuss her pain over her lover being with someone else. She’s telling her she’ll always be the only one who loves her deeply. The song is still popular, being played on variety radio stations, and covered at least four times on American Idol, once on The Voice, and even on Glee.

"Come to My Window"

Melissa’s second Grammy Award-winning song, “Come to My Window,” was also on the 1993 album Yes I Am, having been released in 1994 as a radio single. This was the first song released after she publicly announced that she was gay. The song was played frequently on radio stations, largely due to a high volume of requests. It hit the Billboard charts right away, going to No. 25 on the Hot 100. It also ranked well on the Adult Contemporary, the Top 40, and the Canadian charts. The feel of the song is softer than “I’m the Only One,” and describes what she is willing to go through for her lover and how happy she makes her. The lyrics, “I don’t care what they think/I don’t care what they say/What do they know about this love, anyway?” can easily be connected to her sexual orientation and the inherent sense of rebellion that outwardly gay couples often have.

Rocker Melissa Etheridge is going on tour this November. She also has a new album, This is M.E., coming out September 30th, which was given a three-star review by Rolling Stone.

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