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Has the time finally come!? Since Garth Brooks announced his retirement in 2000, country fans have been anxiously awaiting the day when Garth would return to the stage! Sure, he released some minor records like The Lost Sessions in 2006, some “hits” albums, and performed at a benfit here and there, but Garth took his retirement and family life seriously and wasn’t releasing much new material. In 2009, Garth came out of retirement to do a few weekend Las Vegas performances from time to time and had fans wondering--could this be a precursor to a Garth Brooks comeback? In 2011 Garth did hint that he might decide to tour again once his youngest daughter was in college, and he confirmed this teaser in December, 2013! Garth Brooks is coming back! But wait… when? Where?

So Garth Brooks announced he’d begin his comeback, world tour in Dublin, Ireland and tickets sold out almost immediately upon going on sale. But what about the U.S. tour dates? Meanwhile, over in Ireland, Brooks announced his two shows initially, and then added a third… and a fourth… and a fifth. And then… NOPE, never mind, they’re cancelled. On July 8th, Aiken Promotions announced that Garth Brooks’ five comeback shows in Ireland were cancelled due to opposition by the Dublin City Council, allowing only three shows. But, it’s all or nothing for Garth Brooks-- if there can’t be five shows then there will be “no shows”. However, he isn’t giving up. As of July 9th, Garth reached out to Aiken Promotions, banking on reconsideration. It’s all in the hands of the Dublin City Council, mayor and Aiken Promotions, and they have five days to make a decision until refunds are made on Monday. (to read more about this, click here.)

But, all is not lost! There’s some good news! (maybe…?) Garth Brooks revealed a press conference would be taking place today at 12 PM EST, and had everyone speculating what would be revealed. It has been anticipated that Garth would be announcing a label alliance for future recordings, and perhaps uncover his U.S. tour plans! Are we finally getting a response to our “Unanswered Prayers?” Garth Brooks, stop doing “The Dance” and tell us already! Well, looks like you may have your answer! Garth Brooks announced during his press conference that information about his tour will be revealed on July 14th! Stay tuned for Garth Brooks' U.S. and world tour dates!

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