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Ticket Liquidator is proud to announce a promotion celebrating the site's successful integration with Google Wallet. Ticket Liquidator, in cooperation with Google, will be offering customers who are using Google Wallet a discount on their order. Beginning on Friday, February 7, 2014, and running for a limited time, Ticket Liquidator customers using Google Wallet will be able to save $25 on purchases of $100 or more* when placing an order on Ticket Liquidator’s mobile Website.

Google Wallet

Recent visitors to our retail site Ticket Liquidator might have noticed the new pay option when making a purchase. Google Wallet allows people to is a so-called "virtual wallet" that lets customers pay right from their Google account. The integration gives customers the ability to conveniently and securely purchase tickets for their favorite live events.

Virtual wallets like Google Wallet have become an increasingly popular way for consumers to make purchases, both on and offline. Ticket Liquidator is proud to be among the first web properties to integrate with Google Wallet. In an increasingly complex world, saving a few minutes of typing information into a checkout screen helps customers with their busy lives. Especially when making a purchase on a mobile device, a virtual wallet can help not only with ease of use, but also with the peace of mind that comes with security.

To make a purchase on Ticket Liquidator with Google Wallet, users simply sign into their existing Google Account instead of filling out a traditional checkout screen. Google Wallet is available for purchases on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Currently, Google Wallet is only available to U.S. customers making a purchase using U.S. Dollars. To learn more, please visit the Ticket Liquidator Google Wallet FAQ or the official Google Wallet page.

* Terms and conditions of purchase may apply. See for details.

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