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Sex on Fire by Kings of LeonIn a period of two or three months, I must have heard the song, “Use Somebody” rehearsed at least fifty times during my relationship with a budding rocker. Though he preferred covering the “classic rock” of bands like Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen, he also recognized that he needed to throw more contemporary numbers into his yet-to-launch solo act. The plaintive yearning of “Use Somebody,” by Kings of Leon definitely fit the bill; a certifiable mega hit played everywhere and anywhere at the time, at clubs, in commercials and in clothing stores, was undeniably catchy. The boyfriend occasionally enlisted me to sing the back up “Whoa-oa-o-o” for the chorus, and I could still be found humming along to it in public long after the song had outworn its welcome.

Tired of Old Top Tunes

It’s interesting to hear that the members of Kings of Leon have themselves grown tired of the other mega-hit from their breakthrough album, Only By the Night—the rhythmically rollicking “Sex on Fire.” Five years later, the band has released Mechanical Bull, the second album since the Grammy-winner that launched the band to stardom, but fans are still clamoring for the old hit songs.

According to, Kings of Leon frontman Caleb Followill recently shared with Shortlist magazine how frustrated the band is by the overwhelming fan appreciation for “Sex on Fire” during their live shows over their “deeper-cut songs.”

Drummer Nathan Followill added, “I mean, as soon as that song is over you see people just bee-lining for the exits. And it's like, 'OK. You just paid £40 for one song, that's fine."

It’s not surprising to hear that the band became disenfranchised after their less well-received second album from 2010, Come Around Sundown. Frontman Caleb left a stage in Dallas in 2011, announcing he was going to vomit, drink a beer and return to play more songs. Yet he never came back to the stage, and the band cancelled 26 dates on its remaining tour.

Kings of Leon Launches Makeover With Mechanical Bull

With this latest album, the band’s priorities have changed from wanting to simply create infectious earworms. Caleb told Rolling Stone magazine, “Now I'm trying to do something that makes my daughter proud.”

With the multi-layered melody of “Comeback Story,” the slick funk of “Family Tree” and the wistful sincerity of “Last Mile Home,” Mechanical Bull has both infectious tunes and songs of substance that Kings of Leon can be proud to leave as a musical legacy. Old and new fans can hear it live during the 2014 Mechanical Bull Tour.

The word is still out whether they’ll still be playing the contagious, old fan faves, “Use Somebody” and “Sex on Fire’ as well.

Kings of Leon tickets to the upcoming tour are on sale now.

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