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The 10 Best Live Entertainment Costumes for Halloween 2013

There are only a couple of days left until Halloween, and while many people have had their looks planned out for months, I know there are plenty of you who haven't yet been struck with just the right inspiration for a killer costume. And it is important to stay current; costumes inspired by events from the past year always get a reaction. Here at Live Toast, we know live entertainment, so here is a little list of get-ups pulled straight from music, sports, and theatre events. I hope it inspires you to look your best trick-or-treating, dressing for the office, or hitting up your favorite parties.

1. Robin Thicke - Good news--you can re-use your Beetlejuice costume from last year! Accessorize with a twerking Miley Cyrus companion (real or blow-up) and you're at the top of Halloween fashion this year.

2. Bearded Red Sox Player - Get in the team spirit by wearing a fake beard with your uniform. Or, if you're really committed, grow your own. Sadly, if you're like me, you would have to have thought of this months ago to get any kind of volume...

3. Anne Hathaway from Les Miserables - Another very bold hair move on this one. To rock the "Fantine," either pin back your hair and wear a hacked up wig, or consider this a good opportunity to donate to Locks of Love. Bonus points if you can look and sound terrible singing "I Dreamed a Dream."

4. North West - Need an idea for a baby Halloween costume? Simply pin on a compass rose with a hand pointing northwest, and pray that your child never finds out that you dressed him or her up as a Kardashian spawn.

5. Walter White as LBJ - As Bryan Cranston get ready to take his acclaimed portrayal of Lyndon B. Johnson to Broadway in All the Way, capitalize on his varied career and beat out all the other plain Walter Whites by putting him into a blue business suit with a flag pin. Double costume = win.

6. Manti Te'O's Girlfriend - There are two options here: you can go as a literal manifestation of a woman's dating site profile (complete with message history to "IAmTheManTi201"), or you can skip the party altogether and tell people you were there as Manti's girlfriend. Wait for it...

7. Lady Gaga - You can literally wear anything you want: clothing, food, other people, nothing. Gaga has done it all, so the more outrageous you look, the more likely people will recognize your costume. Her new looks from Artpop have opened up some more creative avenues.

8. Kinky Boot - This year's Tony-winning sensation Kinky Boots has dominated Broadway, and people are certainly going to be out rocking the fierce drag looks from the show. I would take this as a challenge to design a giant, red leather stiletto boot costume myself, complete with a feather tickler and a whip.

9. Lance Armstrong - Are you skinny and un-athletic? Do you have trouble fitting in at Halloween parties? Go as pre-dope Lance Armstrong and you will surely make some friends. Accessorize with a plethora of participation ribbons and bronze medals.

10. Rockette - You know it's not even Halloween yet, but you can't wait until Christmas. To appease your appetite for holiday cheer before you inevitably start playing Christmas music on November 1st, dress up as a Rockette from the Radio City Christmas Spectacular. Also a good option to tastefully show some skin.

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