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Arcade Fire: Her OST

Arcade Fire’s soon to be released album Reflektor is already being hailed as a masterpiece and maybe their best by those who’ve gotten an early listen. These are big words for a band whose last record won Best Album of the Year. The Original Sountrack for the upcoming Spike Jonze film Her seems like it’ll be a smaller, quieter affair based on the film’s subject matter which features Joaquin Phoenix as a lonely letter writer who falls in love with an operating system. Jonze and Arcade Fire have worked together before on the visuals for Arcade Fire’s Scenes from the Suburbs and their style of music is compatible with Jonze’s train-wrecked characters.

Src: 2013 © Arcade Fire via

Azealia Banks: Broke with Expensive Taste

All of the hype and speculation that followed Azealia Banks after “212” dropped back at the end of 2011 has to be fizzling some with her audience. Despite a steady stream of Instagram pics, magazine covers, private parties and festival appearances, it is now going on almost two years and her debut album still doesn’t have an actual release date. Her 1991 EP, the ravey mixtape Fantasea, BWET’s first two singles “Yung Rupunxel” and “ATM Jam” and appearances on Lana Del Rey and Britney Spears remixes have given fans something to chew on in the meantime but the main event will happen some time in 2014 when both her Fantasea II: The Second Mixtape and Broke with Expensive Taste are released. Then we’ll finally get to see what happens wh-wh-when she premieres.

Src: 2013 © Lana Del Rey, Azealia Banks via

Beck: TBA

Following a wave of solo acoustic shows this past summer Beck announced that he was working on not one but two new albums to be released hopefully in the not too distant future. One of the records will be an acoustic album that came as a burst of inspiration in the aftermath of his work on Beck Hansen’s Song Reader. If his acoustic work on Sea Change is any hint of what’s to come, it should be a gorgeous album. Beck began recording the second record in 2008, presumably around the time he was working on Modern Guilt. Since the announcement, Beck has released the Dada-tinged standalone singles “Gimme” and “Defriended” along with space lullaby “I Won’t Be Long.”

Src: 2013 © Beck via

Broken Bells: After the Disco

Two year after the release of their first single, the Broken Bells are back with a new album called After the Disco. The trippy teaser for the album hints that Danger Mouse and James Mercer may be eating mushrooms in the same desert where Daft Punk got the idea for Get Lucky. The Bells’ trademark space rock displayed in full effect on their self-titled debut and the Meyrin Fields EP remains delightfully intact.

Src: 2013 © Broken Bells via


We haven’t heard a proper studio recording from U2 since 2009’s subpar No Line on the Horizon and the woeful Elvis Costello rip-off “Get on Your Boots.” Maybe we didn’t want to hear from them. Haven’t we heard enough? After they eclipsed the record for highest grossing concert tour in 2011 aided by the Spielbergian claw structure, which happened to be the largest stage structure ever constructed, what other frontiers could they conquer? Vegas? Despite the fact that they could never release any more new music and still sell out stadiums worldwide for the rest of their lives, U2 headed back into the studio with Danger Mouse to record their 13th album. Together they have a chance at toning down the bigger is better bombast that has afflicted the band’s recent work and tapping back into the beating heart at the center of some of their timeless masterpieces.

Src: 2013 © U2 via
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