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On August 11 the first of the last eight episodes of America’s most addictive television series premieres on AMC and viewers will finally get to find out what happened following Hank’s epic info dump at the end of the mid-Season 5 finale. At the very beginning of Season 5 in one of Breaking Bad’s classic flash-forwards, we were treated to a vision of Walt with a full head of hair and a fake name, a fraudulent ID and no wedding ring exchanging an envelope full of cash for an M60 machine gun capable of firing 100 – 600 rounds per minute. Out of the infinite number of possibilities of things that could happen, one thing is certain; Walt is going to war. Whether it’s against the cartels, the police, his wife, his brother-in-law, Madrigal Electromotive or Jesse Pinkman remains to be seen, but in the meantime we’ve compiled 5 possible endings to the Heisenberg saga.

5. Walt Pulls a Michael Corleone

Over the course of five seasons one thing we’ve learned about the mind of the man known as Heisenberg is that the ends justify the means. Time and time again Walt has demonstrated a survival at all costs mentality that has seen him remorselessly move innocents around like pawns on a chess board. Show creator Vince Gilligan has said many times that they borrow liberally from The Godfather and a bloodbath like Michael’s murder of the New York dons might be right up Walt’s alley. If Skyler, Holly, Walt Jr., Marie, Hank and Jesse are all that stand between Walt and winning, our money’s on Walt.

4. Hank and Marie Join the Family Business

Though highly unlikely, this seems like the path of least resistance for Hank and Marie but it would be a bitter pill to swallow. Hank is a good cop and the realization that his brother-in-law is responsible for not only the blue meth epidemic that plagues the Southwest but also Hank’s injuries and his months-long road to recovery wouldn’t sit well. On the other hand, Hank and Marie are already deeply implicated due to the funds they received for Hank’s doctor, hospital and mortgage bills and may have to reconcile Walt’s offenses with their own survival instincts.

3. Walt Cuts a Deal with Hank

Another way Hank could maintain some of his dignity is by sending Walt into exile. Walt is a business man at heart and has cut deals with Jesse, Gustavo Fring, Mike, Declan, and several others to keep the train moving. Walt might be too proud to accept a deal of this nature but the combined pressure of being rejected by his entire family along with protecting them from the possible backlash associated with his line work might be enough to send Walt on his merry way to start over somewhere else.

2. Walt Goes International

Walt could maintain an iron fist over Hank, Marie and Skylar, threatening them with the information he possesses about their culpability while simultaneously expanding his base of operations with the aid of Madrigal, going head-to-head with cartels worldwide, branching into other synthetics and launching the largest criminal pharmaceutical organization the world has ever seen. Under the guise of business backed by impressive violence, Walt runs for office.

1. Walt Dies

Walt gets killed either by cancer, the police, his relatives, the cartels, the corporations, mercenaries, street thugs, junkies or he falls off of a ladder and hits his head. Whether or not you like Walt, the man has built up a lot of enemies and very few friends over the course of five seasons. Constantly watching your own back with the whole of the criminal underworld and assembled law enforcement breathing down your neck is a losing hand under most circumstances even for the most determined chemist. With the odds stacked against him a spectacular gun battle in the streets of Albuquerque in a modern day showdown at the O.K. Corral might be the way for Vince Gilligan to avoid Tony Soprano-sized disappointment among fans while completing the transformation of Walter White into the vicious, cold-hearted, Fring-like killer that he was destined to become.

How do you think it’ll end?

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