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Rolling Stones 50 and Counting tour dates kick-off in just under a week for what could possibly be their last tour ever. Though it seemed a foregone conclusion that Mick, Keith, Charlie and Ronnie would hit the road again for the band’s 50th anniversary, it really is no small feat for a group ranging in age from 65 to 71 years old to mount a tour and muster the energy to entertain audiences numbering in the thousands for two hours or more at a clip. During a promotional video for the tour, Charlie Watts candidly says, “It takes Mick some energy to start me up.” Mick Jagger has been known to cover up to 12 miles of stage in a single show thanks to an Olympic work-out regimen and a low-fat, whole grain diet but other members of the band aren’t nearly as agile. Ron Woods claimed to have played his first sober Rolling Stones concert in 2006 while in the same year Keith Richards was hospitalized for brain surgery after falling out of a tree. The Stones will always be the Stones but that’s all the more reason to pick up Rolling Stones tickets now for the upcoming tour because you never know...

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