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It's an obvious and commonly known fact that among all of the professions in the world today, one of the most lucrative of them all (and most passionately sought after) is a successful musician or rock star. And the word "rock" is sort of a catchall phrase here: any multi-million album-selling musician of any genre is poised to make a real fortune. But while you would think a musician's riches comes mainly from the record deal, album sales, and perhaps concerts, appearances and endorsements, the surprising reality is that in today's digital era of music, a successful musician's riches is more likely to come from other sources. Whether it's clothing and accessories lines, restaurant and business chains, or most significantly, houses and real estate investments, the world's richest rock stars have gained most of their hard earned cash through non-music related investments. Check out this infographic for the list of the richest musicians of all time, and what their investment portfolio looks like. 

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who is the richest rock star

world's richest rock stars
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