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When tickets for an Atoms for Peace DJ set went on sale, it was hard to be sure exactly what that meant. In typically cryptic fashion, lead man Thom Yorke tweeted:

He later tweeted a link to which featured the following information:

Yorke and producer/keyboardist Nigel Godrich DJ’d an Atoms for Peace set last summer at a MoMA PS1 Warm-Up in Long Island City where they debuted three new songs with Yorke accompanying on the mic and the two of them playing records otherwise. Yorke and Godrich also made an Essential Mix for BBC’s Radio 1 which featured some hard-hitting moments mixed with Yorke’s trademark bleepiness. The prospect of some kind of hybrid electronic performance tussled with the more benign and cringe-worthy possibility of a celebrity DJ set. In the end it was a little of both.

For fans accustomed to seeing the man while smashed among crowds numbering in the tens of thousands, LPR's 800-person capacity was a treat, albeit a stationary one. The room was packed and the crowd more concerned with maintaining its proximity to the stage than dancing to the set which consisted strictly of tracks from The Eraser and Amok. Thom and Nigel looked like they were having a blast re-constructing the tracks and seamless interludes, beat by beat, with Thom also accompanying on the mic and guitar, backed by a large three-panel display featuring tricked-out visuals of colored lines and fractals by audio/visual composer and computer programmer Tarik Barri, who also shared the stage with them.

The disadvantage to being in such a small room is actually hearing the voices of other concert goers drowning out the main act as they did on songs from The Eraser, but after hearing them so many times through headphones, you can’t blame people for responding to the clean, crisp snap of drum machines through good speakers. Still, there’s only so much knob twisting, lever moving and button pressing that can move one to ecstacies outside of a genuine club experience or a blistering hot live set. While the LPR performance may have simulated what it was like mixing these records in the studio, the looming Atoms for Peace full-band shows will hopefully demonstrate the full potential of the new songs to get people’s asses out of their seats.

Black Swan
Stuck Together Pieces
The Eraser
Before Your Very Eyes
Atoms for Peace
Harrowdown Hill

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