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We are in the thick of MLB's Championship Series and October baseball is in full throttle here at Live Toast HQ. While the team players are deciding who is better on the field, a battle of another kind is taking place between fans on Ticket Liquidator to decide who is more passionate about their team. By looking at the price fans have already spent on tickets for potential World Series games at their team's home stadium, we can form a rough idea of how excited fans are to see their team compete for a championship.

The Average Price of a ticket for the World Series on Ticket Liquidator

Ticket prices in the secondary market are based on the true market value of the tickets being sold for high-profile events. In some cases, pricing can reach what seem like very high prices. However, these prices reflect what individual fans in the market place consider the true worth of an event, like the World Series, to be. Buying tickets on the secondary market at fair market value has become an important part of the life cycle of every ticket sold to live entertainment events and has created vast new opportunities for individual buyers to attend and see their favorite teams and athletes compete at the highest level of their sport. In some cases, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

As you can see, the St Louis Cardinals are currently fetching the highest average ticket price at $686 followed by the NLCS opponent the San Francisco Giants at $564. In the American League, the Tigers are commanding an average ticket price of $510 while New York Yankees fans have so far been willing to spend $476 for World Series tickets. That price would likely rise if the Yankees are able to battle back in the ALCS. In the World Series, the culmination of a 162-game season as well as post-season, fans are getting a chance to watch a pivotal moment in the history of their favorite team, as well as a defining moment for their city. With the value we put on sport championships, its not surprising to find fans are willing to spend so much hard-earned money for the chance to see history happen.

You might think that because the St. Louis Cardinals just won the Series last year, World Series ticket prices for the Cardinals would have dropped some, but the opposite is true. In St Louis they are lining up to for the chance to watch the Cardinals repeat as champs, a feat just seven clubs have been able accomplish since the first World Series in 1903. The Yankees, Blue Jays, Reds, Athletics (who repeated both in Oakland and Philadelphia), the New York (San Francisco) Giants, Red Sox and the Chicago Cubs are the clubs that have repeated as World Series champions at least once. (That's right boys and girls, the Cubbies repeated as World Series champions in 1907 and '08). Here is a list of all past World Series winners if you want to take a look.

Some of you might be wondering how Ticket Liquidator can even list tickets for games that might not take place. As with all secondary ticket sites, the inventory listed on Ticket Liquidator's exchange comes from fans and ticket sellers across the country, many of whom are season ticket holders. As season ticket holders are guaranteed tickets to the World Series, they are provided with the opportunity to list tickets for potential World Series games. In the event of a game that never happens, the customer is refunded all charges if the tickets haven't shipped. In the event tickets have already shipped, the shipping charge is not refunded. Here are Ticket Liquidator's complete terms and policies.

League and team names are the property of their respective owners. Ticket Liquidator does not claim any right or ownership to any of the team or league trademarks contained in this blog post. They are strictly used for descriptive purposes and do not imply an endorsement or partnership.

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