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Do you see yourself as a budding record producer? Fancy a crack at having your name listed as a contributor to a smart-as-hell CD about to be released by a new band that utterly rocks like nothing on Earth? If so, read on...

Vrawsche are a Thrash / Black Metal outfit based in Boston, Massachusetts, and they need your help, large or small, it all counts. Using the awesome Indiegogo passion funding website, Vrawsche are trying to raise $6,666 to finance the recording and production of their debut album - the name of which remains a mystery. The music is a mesh of thrash and black metal, segueing from one to the other with the odd sojourn into brighter riffs. The controlled, zig-zagging guitars provide a steel skeleton for the lyrics, which are about as dark and dangerous as they come. I know; I'm one of the songwriters. Check Vrawsche out on Facebook!

I was introduced to Vrawsche by main man Brian Canzanella, a computer wizard who once worked with us here at Toast Central. He sent me a link to a file containing some of the most unspeakable and riveting music I'd heard in a long time. Songs with names like "Ophidian Offering" and "Entombed Existence", containing images of sheer cliff faces, nooses, weird fires blazing on glacial landscapes and leering demons that crave flesh and blood, tell a story of massive loss, despair and eventual metamorphosis. I love it. But I would say that, wouldn't I? Here's an example of a lyric from the as-yet nameless album:

I like telling lies.
I like drinking blood.
I like being hypnotized and falling out of love.
Every friend has gone.
Took off like a swan.
Leaving me to thrash and splash while dreaming of the dawn.
Offer me a deal, make these gashes heal.
Cover me in black scales like a reptile made of steel.
And as my soul decayed, my talons each a blade.
Swooping down to drown in blood with supernatural zeal.

The project is the brain-child of Brian Canzanella, a conservatory-trained classical guitarist whose eclectic fingers will lead you on this journey. He performs all guitars, bass, and vocals. Vrawsche is a made-up word, chosen by Canzanella for its nordic, alien quality. The eerie blend of classical guitar, modern thrash / black metal / European metal, has its influences in the sounds of Ihsahn, Satyricon, Windir, Kreator and Amorphis.

Drums for the album were recorded by Alex Fewell (from the bands Scaphism and Forced Asphyxiation).

Producer and Engineer - Dan Gonzalez

Lyrics by Ian Hough (that's me!)

The music writing began in 2010, pre-production began early summer 2012, and studio recording began July 2012.

If you like wild, solid, poetic rock music that takes you to another place while you listen, Vrawsche is for you. Do your bit for this cause,

Thrash Metal Music Vrawsche
Mr. Canzanella, eating a piece of barbed wire.

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