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Don't let a graduation fall like this one ruin your big day!Don't let a graduation fall like this one ruin your big day!

With the 2012 Graduation Season heating up, Live Toast is providing some graduation advice to make sure all you soon-to-be-grads have an idea of what can happen on your big day. Life is full of people who suffered a graduation fail on their big day, but fear not, Live Toast is here to help. If you listen, take notes and follow directions, you'll have a great idea of what to not do on graduation. The last thing you want to happen on your graduation is something embarrassing like a faceplant off the podium, just ask these kids! After four years (right?), it's time to get that piece of paper and move onto the next step and graduate. But before you move onto college or the work force, you still have one last test to pass, getting that diploma without making an a@# of yourself in front of your friends, family, the entire school and hundreds of families.

We've put together some our our favorite graduation fails as a way to teach you what NOT to do come your big day. Learn from these grad falls to know what you need to avoid so as to no embarrass yourself this May. A bit of advice early on, watch your step!

Hey and if for some reason you get tired of watching graduates eating s*%& on their big day, be sure to least watch last clip because it is awesome - even if nobody gets hurt.

Dancing Queen

That looks like it really hurt. No wonder it has close to half a million views, more than a dozen are probably mine. This video is great for those of us that like to see people who get cute get hurt. After rolling around on the ground this young lady grad actually does a good job of composing herself and walking it off. But you can't fool me, that had to hurt.



Just a solid, solid face plant.

Theres's just something about people falling, isn't there? What do you think is worse, the falling in front of everyone part or the part when everyone points and laughs at you and some jerk friend yelling out ATTTABOY LUUKKIEEEE! And man that one chick really loved it.

The Camera Loves it!

Another solid fall, but the best part is that the camera person cannot stop laughing. Hopefully that's his sister taping the big day and not someone who would take pleasure in the failure of others. You'd have to be a real jerk to do that.

Falls Like a Pro

This one is a bit long, you can skip to 35 seconds because this is one of the best falls on this list.

Now that is a pretty sweet tumble. Jacob Robert Goldman takes the falls like a seasoned stuntman. Coupled with the cameramen asking themselves "do you think he's gonna do it" right before the fall makes you wonder if Jake didn't do it on purpose. And is he in sandals? I tell you kids these day... The second half has a slow-mo replay with a a great soundtrack.

Lets see that again!

Someone really had fun editing this, poor Nick.

Hey Twae, You Suck!!

Don't worry, the lady's ok. This seems like a wild ceremony to begin with. Twae Kwan Tran had to one up the Fonzie, who showed up in a leather jacket and fist-bumped the MCs. To bad Twae can't pull off a simple cartwheel. Like Yoda says, do or do not. Hopefully homes learned his lesson and won't be pulling any stunts later in his career. But I doubt it.

That's Gotta Hurt!

In another do or do not moment. Another graduation flip gone wrong, but at least he just hurt himself. The crowd reaction is pretty solid though, maybe he's got a future as a wrestler. Also, watch the bald dude in red in the lower right, he gets a hearty chuckle out of this graduation fail.

You Go Girl!!

"I just busted my a$$... that was awesome!!" Because the only thing worse than falling is having people think it hurt. You have to hand it to the grad she handle's it like a champ, almost seems like its not the first time she's ate s*%^ at a graduation. The look on the friend's face is priceless. Also I'd wager money that the kid that yells out "yes! I so got that" is a big time doucher.

And by the way, is it normal to wear leis to graduation?

Spoiler alert, he falls off the horse...

Not much to say here, the horse just bounced him. But at least he cares about his craft. I woulda just left the sword behind.

Two hands!!

Short and sweet. But this one clip provides a great graduation don't: not holding onto the diploma. In all the commotion ole Billy forgot to close his hands. It happens.

Who Turned Out the Lights?

If you fall on YouTube, but nobody can see its you, did you actually fall?

Ah don't know why...

While Dad can't figure out why Chris should take the photo of the graduate, Chris diagnoses the problem right away, "you're on vid..." Even though the old man is taking too long on the girls big day, she's being a monster witch. Calm the hike down lady, give the old man a break. You're supposed to be happy! Like you never accidentally had the camera on video before?

Graduation Win!

And if you've gone this far, you might as well watch the best one:

The first kid has the right idea, but the kid after him figured it out early on. He already discovered one of the most effective tricks in debating, turning the table of the interrogator. Once this kid gets out of law school, he'll be answering the same way, but with a little more finesse. "I'm going to take an issue with your question. It assumes I want to grow up."

Well done young graduate. Let that teacher know you're a toys are us kid! Growing up is way overrated, just ask Gary Coleman.

Going back to the vampire bat though, I coulda done without the condescending "you gotta have goals" about the vampire bat. The kid is like 4, he doesn't need you judging his life goals ok. I mean I wanted to be a helicopter when I grew up! If I had to hear some old crusty wench pooping all over my dreams who knows where I'd be. Certainly not the well-respected blogger I am today!

So there you go soon-to-be-grads! You've got nothing to worry about! Just make sure you use your hands, don't get cute and watch your step!

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