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The New York Daily News' Michael O’keeffe and Bill Madden recently put out a story claiming the the co-owners of the New York Yankees, Hank and Hal Steinbrenner, were exploring the possibility of selling the team. After the sale of the Dodgers for more than $2 billion, the Steinbrenner heirs are rumored to be thinking about cashing in on the explosive market for sports teams. Even in a battered economy, sports franchises are still going for insane prices, and with the kids not seeing eye-to-eye on the proper direction for the team, selling the most valuable franchise in baseball could provide some relief for both of them.

The New York Daily News is reporting that Hal and Hank Steinbrenner are considering selling the Yankees. We're all for it!

Of course the Steinbrenner boys and the Yankees organization was quick to quell the rumors, saying that the Yankees would remain with the Steinbrenner family far into the future. We'll know in the coming months or perhaps years if there was any validity to the Daily News report, but I think selling the Yankees is the right move for double H. With an aging lineup, a devastated pitching rotation and the fall of the best reliever we'll ever see, combined with a vastly improved AL East, the future is not looking all that bright for the rapidly deteriorating Bombers. Jumping ship now would save Hank and Hal from all the scrutiny that will come in 2015 and 2016, when they will be paying more than $100 million for A Rod, Teixeira and Sabathia.

With this in mind, here are Live Toast's best reasons for the Steinbrenner's to sell the Yankees ASAP:

  • Yankee Stadium sucks - I mean what a dump! Sure its big and shinny and has more TVs than your neighborhood Best Buy, but I don't know about you, I don't go to baseball games to watch TV. If you like extreme, over-the-top tributes to a supposedly pristine history, then maybe its your thing. But the new Yankee Stadium is not about baseball, its about the Yankees. The worst part is the Mohegan Sun Casino thing in center field. Here's a good idea, lets put a huge cafeteria in center field but put it behind plate glass so you can't hear any of the ballpark crowd and instead get to hear the Yankees radio with Suzy what-her-name (And lets not forget obstructing the view of the field for the bleacher creatures). The new Yankee stadium blows and Hank and Hal are better of abandoning ship.

  • The robot (or alien) known as Mariano Rivera has finally malfunctioned, and the Yanks no longer have an automatic three outs in the 9th. Now when Hank and Hal watch games they have to wait and hope that the 9th inning will end well. Watching a lead evaporate in the ninth is one of the most excruciating pains in sports. Seriously H2, you don't need the stress. Maybe you can find the original engineer that made Rivera to upgrade Soriano or something, but for now the 9th inning is way too stressful.

  • Jeter and ARod are done. These are two has beens that you still owe somewhere north of a billion-jillion dollars. You can sell the team before your insane overpayment becomes totally visible. I mean the chance that ARod will be the highest paid Yankee and not even be on the team in 2017 is better than 50 - 50. Keep in mind ARod will still be owed $120 million AFTER the 2012 season!

  • In 2016 CC Sabathia will be owed 25 $million and will be pushing half a ton. God forbid he relapses into eating an entire box of Cap'n Crunch for breakfast every day.

  • You wouldnt have to put up with Mark Teixeira's mug, the goofiest in all of baseball.

  • Mark Teixeira, the goofiest mug in all of baseball By selling the Yankees, the Steinbrener kids wouldn't have to see the goofiest-looking man in baseball on a daily basis.
  • You owed Burnett $17.9 million at the start of the 2012 season after colluding with the Pirates to take one of the most frustrating pitchers of the decade off your hands.

  • The days of splitting the AL East and the Wild Card with the Red Sox are long gone. The Rays are better than both teams, the Orioles are dangerous and will only get better, and the Blue Jays are coming along too. Get out before you have the ignominy of seeing the Yankees end the season in 4th or 5th place.

  • The upstart Mets are stealing the Yankees Thunder in NY. Hahaha just kidding :)

  • Being a member of the Yankees front office doesn't get you out of speeding tickets anymore.

  • There's a movie coming out about the shocking Yankee pitcher wife swap produced by Yankee hater Ben Affleck. I honestly don't know how much grief this will actually cause you, but it can't help. Especially with Affleck, a notorious Yankee hater, producing it.

  • The secondary ticket market's got no respect for the Yanks. For crying out loud you can find Yankee bleacher tickets for like $5! No respect for the mystique and aura!

  • And most importantly, its become apparent that neither of the Steinbrenner dynamic duo inherited from their father his passion for the game along with billions of dollars they got. If there's one thing we can agree on is life's too short to spend time not doing what you love. If Hal and Hank sell the team, they can spend their time doing what they love to do. Hank can put his foot in his mouth full time, and Hal can spend his whole day counting daddy's money.

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