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In less than 5 minutes One Direction fans caused #toiletgirl to trend on Twitter. At 8:45 am, One Directioner Harry Styles sent out a tweet containing just the word #toiletgirl and it was retweeted more than 50 times and caused the words to trend on the popular microblogging site.

As another One Directioner Zayn Malik said "Harry tweeted #toiletgirl and trended less than a minute. LOL"

LOL indeed. And also SMH, FML etc etc. What is going on with these crazy kids! At least im not the only confused one, as even Zayns Ninjas, one of the band members, is wondering what is up: "#toiletgirl?..ok Harry. This makes perfect sense. Just like all of your tweets, no seriously.. We aren't confused right now."

With antics like these its easy to see why One Direction has been the hottest selling ticket on Ticket Liquidator for the entire year. One Direction has represented almost a third of all our sales this year. They're like Justin Bieber times five. If you haven't heard of these guys, here's our One Direction Primer.

As far as what exactly Harry was talking about, it seems its just some sort of inside joke or something. Maybe he wanted to see if any dumb bloggers would write about it. Stay tuned and we'll see if there's any explanation forthcoming. Its too early in the morning for me to think about what this means. All wanna see is if I get this post up in time, will Live Toast be the # 1 result for ToiletGirl when everyone starts searching for it : ) And if you think this is cool or silly or whatever, do me a huge favor and tweet this post or share it socially, its easy! just use the buttons above.

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