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Here at Live Toast we like to push the boundaries and this summer Americans will have the chance to see one of the most boundary-pushing spectacles in all of sports: The Brazil national soccer team is to tour America, playing a series of friendlies against equally juicy opposition. Tickets to the Argentina vs. Brazil game are dominating Ticket Liquidator sports sales right now, and Brazil vs. Mexico tickets aren't far behind. There's no mystery to this; everyone knows about Brazil's prowess on the soccer pitch. For generations the men in yellow and blue have amazed us with their footballing feats. When I was younger, old men used to tell us that the Brazilians were good at soccer because they grew up playing with coconuts on Copacabana Beach, and when finally given a real football they'd honed their skill so well they were totally unstoppable. I'm not sure if there's even a grain of truth in that but either way this one nation has produced an incredible percentage of the world's soccer talent. Above is a video of what I consider to be the greatest Brazilian World Cup team of all, the Spain 1982 team that featured giants like Zico, Socrates, Junior, Falcao, Éder and many more. This 2012 tour might be a little different though. Let's not forget that Argentina have players like Lionel Messi, Pablo Zabaleta and the controversial Javier Mascherano to put up what will be a heavyweight fight against their mighty neighbors.

Mexico vs. Brazil will take place at the magnificent Dallas Cowboys Stadium, and the huge dome is expected to be choc-full of Mexicans expecting to see their heroes win this clash of the titans of North and South America. Mexico has enjoyed some triumphs of late, including the awesome fightback against the USA in the CONCACAF Gold Cup Final in 2011, when the Mexicans were 2-0 down but came back to win the game with a storming 2-4 victory. If you're a Mexican living in the USA and you'll be in the neighborhood of Arlington, Texas on June 3, 2012, then you know what you have to do. Mexico are in with a very realistic chance of winning this game and it should make for one of the most incredible soccer atmospheres ever seen on American soil. With the flair and power of players like Manchester United's Javier Hernandez and Tottenham's Giovani dos Santos, we should expect some unforgettable action at the highest possible level.

The opening game of the Brazil US tour is of course against the US national team at Fedex Field in Landover, Maryland. USA vs. Brazil will be on May 30, which is less than a month away! Many of the Brazil (and American) players are still finishing up their seasons around South America and Europe, with superstars like Kaka (Real Madrid), Robinho (AC Milan), Tim Howard & Landon Donovan (Everton), Clint Dempsey (Fulham), Daniel Alves (Barcelona) and the in-form Maicon, who currently plies his trade for Internazionale Milan. Bring your banners, flags, scarves and voices to this one, 'cuz the States will need all the support they can get!

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