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The final matchup of the first round of Ticket Liquidator's Concert Madness Tournament was a nail biter between the combined Nickleback / Bush tour and the newly-reunited Van Halen. Looks like everyone is equally fired up to see these titans of their time on tour once again because this was the closest round of voting- so far!

Representing some of the top bands of the 80's and 90's, it seems like the Internet is just about equally fired up to get a taste of both decades. But as is always the case in sports, there can only be one winner. After a photo finish it looks like the 90's pulled ahead, with the combined Bush/Nickleback tour edging out Van Halen by the slimmest of margins. Perhaps Van Halen can take solace in the fact that they might have been able to take out one or the other, but the combined forces of Bush and Nickleback were too much to much for the team of human beings to jump over, right now.

I'm sure it will be weeks before Bush comesdown from their triumphant win, but they'll have to regroup quickly because they'll take on the Material Girl herself in the second round of Concert Madness. That's right, as you can see in the bracket above today marks the start of the second round of voting, the "Elite Eight" round, as they say. Here's when the competition really heats up, so make sure you stay tuned to the TL Facebook Page and take part in the most intense tournament this side of the Superdome.

In today's matchup Jason Aldean faces his toughest challenge yet. The young upstart earned his way into Concert Madness by taking out Country Superstar Kenny Chesney and then kept his Cinderella run going by teaching Lady Gaga and her little monsters a thing or two about social media. But in Radiohead, Aldean faces one of the hottest bands on the planet with a fired up fanbase that has been waiting a log time for a tour. Who knows what will happen in round two, the only thing we can expect, is the unexpected!


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