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Two of the biggest acts of their respective generations went head to head on Friday in Ticket Liquidator's Concert Madness Tournament to see who you are most interested in seeing this summer, and the kids won out. In a hard-fought contest, the Rolling Stones garnered 207 votes to Radiohead's 243.

Radiohead fans have been eagerly anticipating a full-scale tour for a few years now, and they've been one of the biggest sellers of the year on Ticket Liquidator. Radiohead gave their fans a taste at New York's Roseland Ballroom in the fall during a hastily announced two-day stay at the 3,500-capacity venue. Now that they are hitting the road for a full-scale tour at massive venues, expect it to be one of the biggest tours of the summer.

Radiohead beat out the Rolling Stones in the second game of the Concert Madness Tournament

As for Mic and company, the latest news is that the Rolling Stones 50-year anniversary tour is going to have to wait 'till the 51st, as the band recently informed Rolling Stone they are not ready to tour in 2012. You'd think the Stones would have seen the anniversary coming and gotten in the studio for a little practice, but apparently that is not the case. But rock 'n roll fans will have their hands full with Radiohead, who are hitting stops all over the United State, and beyond.

And speaking of rock and roll, today's matchup is another inter-generational rock and roll clash, with the Red Hot Chili Peppers taking on Fleetwood Mac. While Fleetwood Mac had announced they would tour in 2012, now its looking like a tour is on hold again, perhaps indefinitely. Mick Fleetwood recently told Playboy Magazine that the tour will likely not happen this year. But then again we all know the touring industry is a fickle one, and with the right kind of pressure, and paycheck, perhaps the band could still find themselves on tour this summer.

Either way, we want to know, who would you be more excited to see on tour this summer, Fleetwood Mac or the Red Hot Chili Peppers? Be sure to visit our Facebook page and let us know who you would rather see live.


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