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Ozzy takes a bite outta Babs

March 23, 2012

In what is the largest margin of victory the Ticket Liquidator Concert Madness Tournament has seen so far, the Prince of Darkness Ozzy Osbourne took out Barbra Streisand by more than 600 votes. We know Ozzy has his fans, but to take out an artist with more than 50 Gold albums is quite the accomplishment. With such a ferocious win, you might have thought it was a bat Ozzy was battling rather than Babs. Maybe Barbra has lost a step over the years, or it could be all the loyal Babs devotees aren't on the Facebook. Either way, it looks like she bit off more than she could chew taking on the Ozzman; Ozzy, that's a different story altogether. Ozzy will move to face Coldplay, fresh off their defeat over Roger Waters, in the second round.

Concert Madness Ozzy over Babs

But first, we have two first-round matchups left in the Concert Madness Tournament. In another matchup of timeless stars, Madonna takes on Barry Manilow today,so make sure you visit the Ticket Liquidator Facebook Page to vote for who you are most excited to see this summer. And in the final matchup of round one, when the Bush & Nickleback Tour takes on the newly-reunited Van Halen. So stay tuned to Live Toast through the end of the month, to find out who you are most interested in seeing this summer.


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