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As the second round of Ticket Liquidator's Concert Madness rolls on alt-rockers the Red Hot Chili Peppers face off against heavy metal heavyweights Iron Maiden to see who you are most interested in seeing this summer. After a healthy stomping of the Boss in round one, Iron Maiden couldn't handle the heat from Anthony Kiedis and the Peppers in the second round. With more than 600 of you weighing in, the Chili Peppers edged out Iron Maiden by more than 100 votes to become the second performer to make it to the Final Four. They'll face giant-killer Jason Aldean as they try to make it to the Championship March on April 2.

Ticket Liquidator Concert Madness, Chili Peppers take out Iron Maiden

Next up Coldplay takes on Ozzy Osbourne in what promises to be another thriller of a match. It'll be interesting so see how the upstart Brits handle the aging thrasher, so stay tuned. And be sure to visit the Ticket Liquidator Facebook Page and vote for you would rather see in concert this summer!


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