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Well, it's second round time again in the Concert Madness tournament and today's matchup will prove once and for all whether Coldplay, with their "look at me!" proclamations of cocaine abuse and other quasi-rockstar claims typical of latter-day sissy boys who don't know how to party, can beat full-on bat-biting maniac Ozzy Osbourne- ooh, hang on, word's coming in on the wire that mellow musicians Coldplay have actually kicked Ozzy's butt, 300 to 281! What the heck? These nu-rockers have already beat up on ex-Pink Floyd man and fellow Englander Roger Waters, and now they've gone and battered another of their countrymen from daze gone by. Wow, who'd a thunk it? I guess Ozzy's warm up bout against old Babs Streisand just wasn't enough of an indicator of future success, as the kids have voted and the the old man is out the door. Keep checking the progress of our Concert Madness tournament on the Ticket Liquidator Facebook page, 'cos things are heating up!

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