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The Weekly Toast 2/3/12

February 3, 2012


Material girlz...Homerleaks...prison rules...

• Madonna took the whole Super Bowl thing quite literally in this video for the first single from her new album. Doing things like using her Super Bowl money to hire two of the biggest hype women in the game is why Madonna is still relevant.

• Lizzie Grant a.k.a. Lana Del Rey put all the haters to rest by topping the iTunes charts with her debut album Born to Die.

• All in the same week reports came in that future Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning would never play football again, then that he was medically cleared to resume his NFL career, but probably not with the Indianapolis Colts.

• In another fabulously scripted comeback, Adele will perform at this year’s Grammys.

• Horse tranquilizers cure depression (don’t try at home).

• Conan O’Brien, of all people, took a John Stewart-like swipe at Apple’s abusive Chinese labor practices in this video for the iNett.

• Anonymous intercepted an FBI conference phone call with Scotland Yard about an Anonymous investigation and posted it on the web (for the lulz).

• Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, legal fees mounting, will appear on the Simpsons 500th episode.

• Dutch IPs refused to block internet sites without court orders, sanely calling for innovation and more robust business models to curb piracy. T-Mobile was one of the participating parties.

• Good news for streamers, an Oregon court ruled that cell phones cannot be confiscated or searched without a warrant.

• Barack Obama had his first Google Hangout with some of the most staged questions the Internet has ever seen.

• Snoop Dogg endorsed Ron Paul. That and a few million Evangelical votes and he’s got a shot.

• Kanye West ignited a bidding war among several Middle Eastern governments to provide production for his next music video.

• Ja Rule is enjoying his stay in prison, commenting in a Spin Magazine interview, “Outside, you don’t meet guys like this every day. This place is amazing."

• After overestimating the public’s taste for terror-themed pop on her disastrous last record, M.I.A. recalibrates for a fun Bhangra take on Middle East car pimpin’.

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