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It was a big news days on Thursday, as you can see from the screenshot of GoogleNews:

Google News coverage February 9

It looks like the Federal Government is getting the big banks to cough up some money for all the bogus foreclosures they were doing, Obama is letting 10 states opt-out of President Bush's controversial No Child Left Behind Act, there's more bombing in Syria and more. But really, the biggest news of the day has to be the fact that a contestant on American Idol fell of the stage. In fact, this starting occurrence slightly edges out the news that there will be a new edition of the IPad coming out.

The fall of a young aspiring singer on the stage on the 11th season of the modern day Star Search should be the first news, above the bank thingy and the NCLB stuff (who cares!) We're talking about a 16-year-old that is laying it all on the line and subjecting herself to potential national humiliation, falling off the stage!!! This is groundbreaking news here!!!

If you ask me the 159 related stories on the internet are not nearly enough.

You'd figure that with a child suffering a potentially devastating tumble, plus Jim Carrey's daughter appearing in front of that Randy dude that says "dogg" all the time and whoever else is judging these days, (Howard Stern right?) this news would be the only thing on Google news. But no, I have to read about some stupid bank fraud thing, education news (boring!) and something about brown people on the other side of the world before I get to the important stuff, the Idol fall and the new IPad! No wonder newspapers are going extinct!

In order to live up to our award-winning news coverage here at Live Toast, we went ahead and looked into the news story to end all news stories. Here are the deets you need to know when you stop at the water cooler to talk about the latest American Idol news.

  • The young singer's name is Symone Black
  • According to People (the magazine, not the vague noun) the fall "looked to be a good 5 feet high"
  • The fall was subsequent to Symone "apparently passing out"
  • Additionally, another contestant "said she hit her head, though that was not confirmed."
  • Stagehands cried out "Medic, please!"

Thank goodness for the crack-reporting of People's Tim Nudd for staying on top of this incredible story. He can teach a thing or two to CBS's Chris Matyszczyk, who waited until the penultimate paragraph of his 833-word story on the American Idol episode to mention the courageous Symone's accident.

As Fox ended the show after the fall, perhaps the biggest cliffhanger since Lost went off the air, you'll have to tune in Thursday night to see the chilling conclusion of poor Symone's fall from the stage. I'd say I'll follow up, but tomorrow will bring all kinds of new news. Maybe Mitt Romney will get everyone riled up by talking some more smack about poor people.

You can see the dangerous fall in the clip below, but since its very long you'll have to skip to the 4:00 minute mark if you just want to see the potentially-lethal fall.

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