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Image and story stolen from the website.

Men using the bathrooms at a German Rolling Stones tribute museum were amused recently to discover the urinals are actually large mouths with full red lips. The Greatest Rock 'n' Roll Band in the World are renowned for their lips and tongue logo, but who expected to be peeing into it? The inspired artworks now confront any bloke getting their ya-ya's out at the museum in Luechow, Lower Saxony, providing a whole new angle on the British expression, "I'm hittin' the stones". Feminist groups are predictably outraged.
One frothing Frau shrieked, "It's discrimination against women. If the urinals sported a tongue, it would have been acceptable because the identification with the band and Jagger would have been unmistakable. Without it, it's a woman's mouth, not a man's mouth."
Unfortunately for the feminists, the museum ain't budging and John Pasche, the graphic designer who came up with the famous logo in 1971, said from his home in England, "It must be great just walking into the toilet and being faced with Mick Jagger’s mouth. It’s quite outrageous!"
Pasche was said to have designed the lips based on Mick Jagger's own, but the museum's founder, Ulrich Schroeder, denies the urinals are based on anyone's lips in particular. One thing's for sure, if the Stones tour in 2012, I will try to be there. I've always wanted to see what my granddad would have looked like if he'd done hard drugs all his life and then become a rock star. Rock on, lads. Innit.


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