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British boxers David Haye and Dereck Chisora will be licking their wounded egos and their wounded faces today after a post-fight press conference erupted in violence following Chisora's defeat to Vitali Klitschko in Munich. The Chisora-Klitschko fight was a surprisingly even affair, with the giant Ukrainian winning by a significant margin despite Chisora giving him the hardest fight in almost a decade. Unfortunately it was events outside the ring that captured the world's imagination. Klitschko and his similarly intimidating brother, Wladimir, are no strangers to the antics of Haye and Chisora; Haye ridiculously blamed a broken toe for his defeat to Wladimir last year, and Chisora caused ripples when he slapped Vitali and spat water in Wladimir's face during the pre-fight weigh-in this past Friday. But what transpired on Sunday outdid anything the gruesome twosome have done before.

It began with Klitschko and Chisora up on the stage while Haye was down among the assembled reporters and boxing folk, where he was attending in his capacity as a pundit. People were laughing at the Klitschko camp's mocking of Haye as a man who "fights with his toe". This baiting was a reference to Haye's excuse for losing to Wladimir in July 2011. Then Chisora joined in, taunting Haye about his defeat to Klitschko, before leaving the stage to confront Haye, who by this time was shouting insults back at Chisora. When the two were within punching distance of one another the brawl began. Allegedly several bottle were smashed in peoples' faces during the chaos, and Chisora threatened several times to shoot Haye. A camera tripod was also used as a weapon, presumably ripped from the clutches of some terrified newspaper cameraman. Haye's coach, Adam Booth, emerged from the melee with a cut on his head amid the sound of breaking glass and shrieking bystanders. It was by all accounts a proper set-to.

Now, the Munich police want to speak to Howe about his involvement in the fracas, having already arrested Chisora and coach Don Charles before they boarded a plane after the incident. The outcome is up in the air at present; punishment could range from absolving them of all blame to a 10-year prison sentence for grievous bodily harm. God only knows what the Germans think of this mess. The English have a long and soiled history of bad sporting behavior on the continent and this fiasco featuring supposed professionals will do English boxing's image no good whatsoever. Ultimately, it looks like Chisora was the chief instigator, beginning the weekend with his disgraceful slapping and spitting routine against the Brothers Klitschko on Friday, before sparking the fight with Haye on Sunday. My instinct tells me that nobody will go to jail, and somebody will probably have to pay some money. And then everyone can get on with being violent and abusive, just like usual. The Marquis of Queensbury was unavailable for comment. Personally, I'd like to see the two sort this out outside the ring, old school style.

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