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Unless you're deaf or have been away from the US for the past few months, you've heard the pop hit "song" from the Maroon 5, "Moves like Jagger," which features as its chorus:

Zeke "The Mexican Jagger" has recently been outed as the the inspiration for Maroon 5's hit "Moves Like Jagger." Seen here, Zeke uses a beer bottle to mimic a microphone.
All the moves like Jagger
I've got the moves like Jagger
I've got the moves like Jagger

But who has these moves like Jagger, and just how Jaggerlike are they? In this LiveToast exclusive, Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine reveals the inspiration for the smash hit. Following the success of "Moves Like Jagger" there was widespread industry speculation about the person behind the infectious song. At long last, LiveToast is proud to reveal that the man behind the song is none other than Zeke, also known as "the Mexican Jagger." While the band and crowd-averse Zeke were able to keep the motivation for the hit a mystery for months, the cat is now out of the bag and Zeke will no doubt become among the most coveted danseurs in the biz.

"After experiencing Zeke breaking it down to Jumping Jack Flash we as a group were overtaken by a creative inpulse and we banged out "Moves Like Jagger" in like 10 minutes," says Levine, Maroon 5 frontman and one of the writers sharing credit for the song. "I mean look at Zeke's take on Jagger's iconic chicken / duck dance, its unreal," said Levine.

Without further ado, here's a video of the man behind perhaps the most played song of 2011, Moves Like Jagger:

Zeke's moves like Jagger:

Because there is a lot to absorb from this 2:45 clip, LiveToast is here to help break down some highlights of Zeke's rendition of Jumping Jack Flash. As of press time details on the only existing video evidence of Zeke's Jagger moves are sketchy at best. Shot in what can only be Texas, Zeke's victorious rug cutting was caught while he was either drinking on his lunchbreak, or perhaps at the lamest party ever, if Zeke wasn't there of course.

To remind viewers of the man who made the moves, the video starts off with some clips of the real, British, Mick Jagger dancing live. Keep these in mind so that you can compare them to Zeke's moves. As we are first introduced to Zeke, the artiste is warming up, getting the muscles ready for the spectacle he is about to bestow on the viewer. A little Texas two-step gives way to gyrating hips and flying limbs that bring Jumping Jack Flash to life like never before.

Around the :46 mark Zeke starts to come alive, singing into his microphone/beer bottle, pointing at the sun and then really letting his moves go. If there was any doubt as to whether Zeke was really the inspiration for the song, they are eliminated as soon as Zeke breaks out his backward shuffle, as its off to the races from there. At this point it becomes clear that Zeke was holding out on us, as his true dancing prowess is on glorious display. Strap yourself in for as inspired a dance performance as you will see from here on out.

Zeke's interpretation of Mic's famous duck dance bears closer resemblance to a chicken, with some zombie-like characteristics thrown in for good measure.

Right around minute 1:40 Zeke starts to really break it down to the Keith Richards solo, and at the 2:00 mark the glasses come off and you can stare into Mexican Mick's soul. Stop the clip at 2:04 for an extreme close up. As you can see, Zeke's not content to simple emulate Mick, he takes his style and makes it all his own. Right around the two-minute mark you can see Zeke's take on Jagger's patented "Duck Dance," which in Zeke's display is closer to a chicken, with some zombie qualities mixed in for good measure.

After a sublime display of dancing genius, like a true showman Zeke takes a bow as the crowd of co-workers shower down appreciation. And as everyone likes a happy ending, the clip ends with the immediate press attention Zeke has received.

"Zeke is victorious!!!" proclaims one unnamed newspaper.

So while Adam Levine can have his money, his collection of fans and his platinum records, Zeke will keep his moves like Jagger and show them off at lunchtime on the jobsite.

About "Moves Like Jagger" the song:

On the strengths of a whistling introduction and a bass beat, Moves Like Jagger rode a steady stream of radio and TV play to the tops of the 2011 summer charts. As the song sounds nothing like the other singles from the quintet, you might not have realized it was in fact from them. Moves Like Jagger was co-produced by Shellback, who's worked with some of the most respected songwriters in music including Britney Spears, Pink, Backstreet Boys, Adam Lambert, Avril Lavigne, Disney's Victorious and many more. In a testament to the quality tastes of current music fans, the song spent eight weeks at the #1 on the World Charts.

With its insightful, profound lyrics and layered, subtly penetrating bass beat, Moves Like Jagger adds to what is becoming an impressive, if disparate, collection of hits in the Maroon 5 catalogue including This Love, She Will Be Loved, Makes Me Wonder and Misery. While the songs don't share much similarity in terms of musical stylings, the one thing in common is that they were played on the radio a lot of sold a respectable amount of records. No stranger to the spotlight, Maroon 5 has won three Grammy's one for best new artist in 2005, although apparently they've been in a band since 1992.

One thing is clear, if Maroon 5 can continue to find inspiration like Zeke, we'll be hearing from them for a long, long time.

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