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The Weekly Toast 12/2/11

December 2, 2011


Living the thug life at Georgetown…Kanye sings the blues…the future looks thirsty…

• Georgetown University is offering a class on Jay-Z to lecture students on the intricacies of balling so hard, putting supermodels in the cab and moving freebase.

• Grammy award front-runner Kanye West lamented that he wasn’t nominated for Best Album and blamed it on putting out two albums in the same year. In a behind-the-scenes video ‘Ye also ruminated about world leaders who were affected by him attending his funeral and saying things like “Kanye gave me a shot here.”

• Kate Bush released a very weird video of a woman getting it on with a Snowman for her latest album 50 Words for Snow. Big Boi gushed about the work and colorfully described the album for Rolling Stone: “It's almost like a scene from her diary – she seems to be in love like a motherfu**er.”

• A man was arrested for interfering with the delivery of Mountain Dew at the site of the particle smashing Hadron Collider in Switzerland. He claimed he was from the future.

• Wikileaks and a guy who knows a lot about Androids revealed that everything, everywhere that is digital is monitored and recorded whether you like it or not.

• Britain closed its Iranian embassy after protesters stormed it and stole a framed picture of Vincent Vega and Jules Winnfield from Pulp Fiction.

• AdWeek named its Best Commercials of 2011, including this gem by Canal+.

• Google and YouTube got makeovers to spruce up for the holidays when families gather ‘round the Internet.

• Spotify and Songkick hooked up in the most lethal thing to happen to concert goers wallets since TicketMaster.

• Cyber Monday spending was way up despite the general broke-ness of most Americans.

• Facebook stepped up to the plate with an IPO of $100 billion for its stalker network.

• In perhaps the single greatest stroke of casting ever, Sasha Baron Cohen will play Freddie Mercury in a biopic about Queen’s lead singer.

• Anne Hathaway got engaged to a civilian.

• A really crap trailer for Ridley Scott’s new Alien movie Prometheus surfaced (and it still looked awesome).

• Charlize Theron is back as the face of a new film called Young Adult from the writer and the director of Juno and it looks like Oscar candy.

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