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Whitey Bulger

October 26, 2011

Following recent events in which criminal mastermind and Boston native Whitey Bulger was discovered after 16 years on the run outside his apartment in sunny Santa Monica, California, fellow Bostonians Matt Damon and Ben Affleck have announced that they are getting the team back together for a biopic about Bulger’s life. Bulger was disturbingly portrayed by Jack Nicolson in Martin Scorsese’s 2006 Oscar-winner The Departed, a performance that makes more sense in light of his real life participation in the CIA’s MK-Ultra program where inmates at the Atlanta Penitentiary were given LSD for 18-months. Damon and Affleck haven’t produced a film together since 1997’s Good Will Hunting but that coupling produced Oscar babies. Bulger’s early years as a street gang member, airman and inmate should give them fertile ground to mine for a good story. The screenplay will be written by Boardwalk Empire writer/creator Terrence Winter which pretty much clinches their period credibility.

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