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September 28, 2011

Wall Street

The movement to occupy Wall Street reached a fever pitch this week when some media outlets actually decided to cover the protest after nearly two weeks of nonchalantly looking the other way and hoping it would blow over. In the first significant demonstration in response to the bank bailouts, mortgage crisis, joblessness and daily, run-of-the-mill corruption, thousands of activists descended upon Wall St. on September 17th in a Day of Rage to begin the occupation. Police barricades were waiting for them and the few hundred protesters who remained were shunted off to Zucotti Park, optimistically renamed Liberty Plaza by the freedom squatters. Aside from scenes of police brutality, the occupation has been relatively peaceful and the activists have developed a 99% philosophy and are assembling their list of demands to the 1% that possess most of the nation’s wealth. We’re not sure where famous people fit into that math but protest groupies Susan Sarandon, Michael Moore, Lupe Fiasco, Immortal Technique and Dr. Cornel West participated in the proceedings. With the 99% still fleshing out tactics and an agenda, it’s unclear how long they will be there. Local residents voted down a resolution against the 99% and 38,000 members of the New York Transit Workers Union voted unanimously to support the movement and will march with them on October 5th.

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