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WikiLeaks FAIL

September 2, 2011

Oh WikiLeaks. Like a drunken co-worker spilling the beans about his colleagues at the company Christmas party, WikiLeaks took all of the respect and goodwill it had accumulated over the course of its short swaggery career and flushed it all down the toilet. In the embarrassing comedy of errors that is pursuing WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, the organization that specializes in leaking information neglected to inform the Guardian that there was only one password for the treasure trove of over 250,000 encrypted diplomatic cables they had leaked online. Members of the ironically named Guardian published the decryption key in a book, thinking that it was only a temporary code. With this one amateur miscommunication, the vanguard of modern journalism looked increasingly foolish as it stood there trying to shift the blame for putting potentially thousands of sources in danger.

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