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J.J. Abrams Wins (Again)

September 9, 2011

Golden egg director J.J. Abrams announced the creation a new media/consulting company called FactoryMade Ventures this week. Backed by Telefonica and Intel among others, Factorymade will allow Abrams along with Michael Bay (Transformers), Robert Rodriguez (Machete, Spy Kids) and Thom Beers (Ice Road Truckers) to develop projects and retain ownership and profits associated with them. Abrams is on a pretty much unbroken winning streak stretching all the way back to Felicity. Massive victories in TV and film including Alias, Lost, Fringe, Mission Impossible III, the new Star Trek and the Steven Spielberg-produced Super 8 have made him one of the most sought after names in the business. Abrams left his talent agency recently following in the footsteps of his former agent John Fogelman who was the architect for many high-profile deals with several prominent media companies. With friends like these, Abrams looks primed to change some the rules in Hollywood and likely inspire others to do the same.

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