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The road to The Throne is starting to look less like an album release timeline and more like a targeted disinformation campaign with the aim of sowing confusion among fans, concert promoters and record stores. The high jinks started back in August of last year when Kanye announced that the album would be a mere five-song EP. Yeezy, perhaps intoxicated, jumped the gun on New Year’s announcing that the album would be released in a week. More than eight months later the album is actually scheduled to be released on August 8th (barring a wider conspiracy). Though the supporting tour was initially scheduled to begin in September and run through November, the pre-sale was pushed back by a day, and then the entire tour was delayed by two months. Jigga and ‘Ye also managed to pull a fast one on indie record stores across the country when they set up deals with iTunes and Best Buy to be the exclusive sellers of the digital and physical copies of the album for the first two weeks of its release. The indies howled foul play and mustered all the forces at their disposal (pen and paper) to write a very polite letter to Jay-Z and Kanye West. In an interview with Hot 97, Jay responded that they had the right to release the album how they saw fit in order to prevent it from leaking, and that he “feels a little bad about it,” but anyone who has ever listened to Hova’s lyrics is well aware that you can’t knock the hustle.

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