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Oh boy. While his handlers weren’t watching Mick Jagger snuck out to Jamaica and started a reggae band. On paper the team-up sounds intriguing. Damien Marley, Joss Stone, the Eurythmics Dave Stewart, Slumdog Millionaire composer A. R. Rahman, and of course, Mick Jagger round out an all-star cast. As the video begins the stage is being set, literally, for Superheavy to play at a downtown block party. Marley appears to be the proprietor of a record store called Kingston Sound, Stone is running a coffee/flower shop across the street, Rahman is being chauffered to the event behind an approaching crowd, Stewart is getting a Superheavy tattoo and Mick is…practicing acupuncture? In all fairness, we get that Mick’s exile on the Main Street-friendly voodoo lounge is part of the scenery along with the bikers, tattoo artists, street dancers and the friendly couple grouping each other in the alleyway. Marely and Stone (in her best island patois) begin the song with a call and response about the nature of relationships before Sir Mick, wearing a pink suit and gyrating strangely in front of a bay of candles, begins yelling about his bag of tricks. He’s the surgeon of love. On first watch, Jagger’s introduction is a bit jarring but in hindsight he’s what keeps the song from becoming background noise. The strange mechanics of the video include a scene where the members of the band meet up on somebody's front stoop and awkwardly pat each other on the back before the show. Even Rahman steps up to the mic momentarily to deliver a few sounds toward the end.

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