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When Mick Jagger announced that he’d joined a new band it came as a bit of a surprise to everyone. Maybe he got tired of Keith Richards' raging appetite for weapons-grade pharms. Probably he just wanted to try something new. What does “new” mean for a grizzled old codger like Mick Jagger? In this case it means phoning a few “friends” and getting together another supergroup. When it’s Mick Jagger though, your friends tend to be pretty heavy hitters. Just to give you an idea, Jagger was able to get one of the Eurymthics (Dave Stewart), Bob Marley’s son (Damien Marley), India’s most prolific composer (A. R. Rahman), and soul singer Joss Stone (to temper all the testosterone). Already the mix of rock, blues, soul, reggae and Bollywood plus four vocalists has the mind swooning over possibilities. With the release date set for September 20th, the band leaked a teaser, a recording of Mick prattling on about trees and leaves, and a 40-second segment of a song that sounds like surprisingly banal reggae. You'd think with all that star power they could have built a bigger fire. Here’s to hoping they stretch their legs a little come the 20th.


Miracle Worker Clip

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