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Spotify Launches in the US

July 13, 2011

For a long time, when American IPs landed at the website for Spotify expecting free access to the greatest collection of music in the world, they were greeted by the message that Spotify was not yet available in their country. As of 8am on Thursday, that all changed. Spotify is now available by invitation or premium subscription on American shores. After securing permission from the four dominant players in the American music industry and a number of Indies, the Swedish-based company launched in the US on an advertising and subscriptions-based business model which allows users to listen to their entire 15+ million song (and growing) catalog across desktop and mobile platforms using their DRM client. The service offers an easy-to-use search interface, Facebook integration and a built-in community of over 10 million users worldwide with whom you can share and e-mail playlists.


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