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Portishead to tour US

July 13, 2011

Portishead is the rare band that could do exactly what they did on their first album for the rest of their career and there wouldn’t be a single unsatisfied customer in the house, which is kind of what they did on their self-titled second album, but in the eight years between Portishead and the cleverly named Third, the band managed to reinvent itself wholesale without sacrificing a single ounce of the dark, moody ambience they practically invented. That was in 2008. Now they’ve scheduled their first proper US tour in over a decade. The original line-up of Beth Gibbons, Geoff Barrow and Adrian Utley is playing theaters with a guitarist, a bassist and drummer Clive Deamer who recently recorded with Radiohead. Portishead tickets are on sale now, check them out playing We Carry On from Third at ATP in 2007.


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