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New Bjork Video

July 29, 2011

Bjork is back with her latest project Biophilia, an album that’s also an interactive iPad app, a series of live shows, an educational tool and a documentary exploring the natural world with narration across the mediums by renowned British naturalist Sir David Attenbourough. In typical Bjork fashion there are no small parts. She and her team have created new instruments for the compositions and are working with top-selling app developers who agreed to work for free in exchange for profits on the back end, and of course, a chance to work with Bjork. She’s also enlisted Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind director Michel Gondry to direct the video for the album’s first single, Chrystalline. Known for her visionary videos (Chris Cunningham’s video for Bjork’s All Is Full of Love is on permanent display at the MOMA), Chrystalline is classic Bjork and Gondry, mixing stop motion, animation and projection as Bjork’s face appears on a glowing disco ball orb firing lasers at the moon...or something. Whatever’s happening it’s beautiful to look at.

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